The Social Work Education Enhancement Program (SWEEP) supports undergraduate social work students along their paths to becoming professional social workers through community building, mentorship, collaboration and information sharing

students at graduation

All BSW students (first-year, internal transfer and external transfer students) are required to participate in SWEEP during their first semester as a social work student. For first-year students, SWEEP meets the 360 Connections requirement.


  • Enhanced relationships and sense of community among social work students.
  • Smoother transitions to UT Austin campus and Steve Hicks School of Social Work.
  • Smoother transitions to social work professional culture
  • Having a known-person to reach out to if struggling.
  • Enhanced academic and career guidance.
  • Efficient movement through degree plan towards graduation.
  • Additional support if challenges occur.

SWEEP Activities

  • Structured mentorship for first semester BSW students.
  • Community-building activities for BSW students.
  • Increased contact with undergraduate academic affairs for problem-solving, support and resources.
  • Career development and volunteer services events.
  • Access to the SWEEP magazine, Zine.