We look forward to working from you! Please find a description of our services and the team members ready to help you with them below, along with their contact info.

Office of the ADR Team

Who Does What

For faster service, we’ve put together a matrix explaining our staff’s responsibilities.

Pre-Award Services

  • Budget development: TBA
  • Contracts, grants, OSP submission: TBA
  • Sub-contract set-up and renewal: TBA
  • Grant opportunities (federal, state, local and foundations): TBA
  • IRB, human subjects: Carol / Lana
Post-Award Services

  • Account management: Aisol / Layla / Carol
  • Cash advances: Aisol / Layla
  • Computer, printers, accessories: Lana
  • Job posting, new positions, reclasses: Karen
  • Payments, reimbursements: Enrique
  • Payroll: Karen
  • Personnel management: Karen
  • ProCard purchases: Lana
  • Purchase orders: Aisol / Layla
  • Service agreements: Aisol / Layla
  • Software resources: Lana
  • Sub-contract payments: Enrique
  • Supplies: Aisol / Layla
  • Time keeping: Karen
  • Travel reimbursements: Enrique
  • Vendor records: Enrique
  • Work orders: Lana
Other Services

  • General inquiries: Lana
  • Conference room scheduling: Lana
  • Email list, ADR listserv: Lana
  • OADR directory updates: Lana
  • Inventory, equipment insurance: Lana
  • Website, project descriptions: Carol
  • Copier service/maintenance: Lana

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