CARE is a program developed by the Counseling and Mental Health Center and the Office of the Provost that provides accessible mental health support to students. Their licensed mental health professionals are embedded within the schools and colleges they serve.

CARE counselor for Steve Hicks School of Social Work


Lauren will assess student needs and offer appropriate services (e.g. short-term counseling, case management and referral, crisis intervention, or groups).

Topics vary (e.g. self-care, test anxiety, mindfulness, assisting students in distress, mindfulness and stress reduction)

Available to consult one-on-one and in meetings/groups. Please contact Lauren for more information.

Office Hours: Mondays 3 to 4 p.m.

Call the CMHC’s 24/7 crisis line at 512-471-2255 (CALL) to speak with a crisis counselor anytime.

TimelyCare is a virtual mental health and well-being platform for currently enrolled UT Austin students. It provides 24/7, on-demand non-crisis emotional support as well as health coaching and counseling.

Are you worried about a student you know, bothered that your roommate has been acting differently, or concerned about the behavior of a co-worker? If so, call BCAL 512-232-5050 or share your concerns online.

Individual and group counseling, wellness workshops, psychiatric services and crisis counseling.

Counseling services in each college and school.

Thrive at UT is a free app designed to enhance your well-being and help you navigate the ups and downs of college life.

The MindBody Labs are self-paced environments designed to help you explore resources for improving your emotional and physical health.

Creating a culture of student and campus well-being though programs, education, health messages, student engagement and collaboration.

Resources for students in recovery and in hope of recovery for drug and alcohol use disorders. (located in Bellmont Hall within DKR Stadium).

Counseling services available to academic employees (e.g., TAs, AIs and GRAs).