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By attracting and supporting a world-class faculty with the unique ability to conduct and translate academic research into action and positive social outcomes, the School of Social Work provides its students an unmatched opportunity for education and application at one of the top schools of its kind in the nation.

Our faculty is one of the most diverse in The University of Texas at Austin, with a wide range of expertise in many topics including: mental illness, substance abuse, health behavior interventions, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, child welfare, aging, grief and loss, and juvenile justice. See University Experts Guide.

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Barbara Anderson Barbara AndersonDetailsClinical ProfessorRoom #: 3.124EPhone: (512) 232-7118Email: barbara.a@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Generalist practice, child welfare, medical social work and field education.
Kathleen (Kathy) Armenta, LCSW, ACSW Kathleen (Kathy) Armenta, LCSW, ACSWDetailsClinical ProfessorRoom #: 3.124CPhone: (512) 471-8230Email: karmenta@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Field education; social change and community practice; school-based social work; community organizing and leadership development; experiential interventions and play interventions.
Marilyn Armour, Ph.D. Marilyn Armour, Ph.D.DetailsProfessor and University Distinguished Teaching ProfessorRoom #: 3.212EBPhone: (512) 471-3197Email: marmour@utexas.eduInterests: Family members of homicide victims, restorative justice implementation and evaluation, school-to-prison pipeline, restorative dialogue, qualitative research methods, violent death.
Noël Busch-Armendariz, Ph.D., LMSW, MPA Noël Busch-Armendariz, Ph.D., LMSW, MPADetailsProfessor, Associate Dean for Research, and Director, Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual AssaultRoom #: 3.208GAPhone: (512) 471-3470Email: nbusch@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Violence against women and children; social and public policy; social justice; international social work education, training and practice; and adoption and child welfare issues.
Namkee G. Choi, Ph.D. Namkee G. Choi, Ph.D.DetailsProfessor and the Louis and Ann Wolens Centennial Chair in GerontologyRoom #: 3.122DPhone: (512) 232-9590Email: nchoi@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Geriatric Mental Health; Depression Treatment in Aging Services; Social Policy for older persons (Social Security and Supplemental Security Income); Program evaluation.
Allan Hugh Cole Jr., Ph.D. Allan Hugh Cole Jr., Ph.D.DetailsProfessor and Associate Dean for Academic AffairsRoom #: 2.202CPhone: (512) 232-3548Email: ahcole@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Pedagogy and curricula in higher education, organizational leadership, psychosocial development of boys and men, mentoring, and social work and religion/spirituality.
Diana M. DiNitto, Ph.D. Diana M. DiNitto, Ph.D.DetailsCullen Trust Centennial Professor in Alcohol Studies and Education and Distinguished Teaching ProfessorRoom #: 3.130BPhone: (512) 471-9227Email: ddinitto@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Social welfare policy, chemical dependency, and violence against women. Social welfare policy; chemical dependency; women
Rowena Fong, Ed.D. Rowena Fong, Ed.D.DetailsRuby Lee Piester Centennial Professor in Services to Children and FamiliesRoom #: 3.122GPhone: (512) 471-1393Email: rfong@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Adoptions and child welfare; International adoptions from China; Chinese American children and families; Women and children victims of Human Trafficking; Disproportionality in public child welfare; Culturally competent practice; Translational research and practice.
Cynthia G. S. Franklin, Ph.D. Cynthia G. S. Franklin, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant Dean for Doctoral Education and Stiernberg/Spencer Family Professor in Mental HealthRoom #: 2.228Phone: (512) 471-0533Email: cfranklin@mail.utexas.eduInterests: School mental health, solution-focused brief therapy, dropout prevention, at-risk youths
Jane A. Kretzschmar, LCSW Jane A. Kretzschmar, LCSWDetailsClinical Professor and Assistant Dean for Master's ProgramsRoom #: 2.244Phone: (512) 471-8209Email: swjak@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Gatekeeping in social work education, field education, school social work, social work values and ethics, individual and family counseling, employee assistance programs.
Michael L. Lauderdale, Ph.D. Michael L. Lauderdale, Ph.D.DetailsClara Pope Willoughby Centennial Professor in Criminal Justice and Chair of the Clinical and Administrative Leadership ConcentrationRoom #: 3.130JPhone: (512) 471-9246Email: mll@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Criminal justice, organizational development, computer applications to organizational and community development. Criminal justice; child welfare; U.S.-Mexico relations
Jane Maxwell, Ph.D. Jane Maxwell, Ph.D.DetailsResearch ProfessorRoom #: HPB 335Phone: (512) 232-0610Email: jcmaxwell@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Research in trends and patterns of substance abuse in Texas, nationally, and internationally, with special interest on the US-Mexico border; research in patterns of use and abuse of methamphetamine, party drugs, methadone, and other opiate drugs; impaired driving programs; and synthetic estimation techniques.
Ruth G. McRoy, Ph.D. Ruth G. McRoy, Ph.D.DetailsResearch Professor and Ruby Lee Piester Centennial Professor EmeritaRoom #: 3.212APhone: (512) 471-0551Email: r.mcroy@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Open adoptions, outcomes for birthmothers, adoptive parents and adopted children, trans-racial adoptions, family preservation, special needs adoptions, post adoption services, female sexual abuse perpetrators, racial identity issues, adolescent pregnancy, effectiveness of residential treatment services.
Mary K. Mulvaney Mary K. MulvaneyDetailsClinical ProfessorRoom #: 3.124APhone: (512) 471-9827Email: mmulvaney@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Field education, child welfare, child and family services, administration and management.
Yolanda C. Padilla, Ph.D. Yolanda C. Padilla, Ph.D.DetailsProfessor of Social Work and Women's StudiesRoom #: 3.130KPhone: (512) 471-6266Email: ypadilla@utexas.eduInterests: Population studies focusing on racial and ethnic disparities in health and well-being with an emphasis on Mexican American children and families, poverty, immigration, and applications to social welfare policy development. Areas of practice specialization: policy analysis and community practice.
Beth C. Pomeroy, Ph.D. Beth C. Pomeroy, Ph.D.DetailsBert Kruger Smith Centennial Professor in Social Work and Coordinator of Clinical Social Work ConcentrationRoom #: 3.106BPhone: (512) 232-3405Email: bpomeroy@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Clinical social work courses with a focus on mental health, health and children and families; HIV/AIDS interventions; crime victims; interventions for offenders in the criminal justice system; and clinical social work group interventions for children, adults and families.
A. James Schwab, Ph.D. A. James Schwab, Ph.D.DetailsClara Pope Willoughby Centennial Professor in Child WelfareRoom #: 3.130FPhone: (512) 471-9816Email: jimschwab@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Use of automation and information technology in the management and administration of human services, data analysis and quantitative technique, computer simulation and decision support systems.
Clayton T. Shorkey, Ph.D., LCSW Clayton T. Shorkey, Ph.D., LCSWDetailsJosleen and Frances Lockhart Memorial Professor for Direct Practice in Social Work and Director of Social Work Learning Resource CenterRoom #: 1.218GPhone: (512) 471-0520Email: cshorkey@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Generalist practice in social work, mental health and substance use disorders treatment, spirituality and faith-based alcohol/drug abuse treatment, and culturally competent/relevant services for underserved populations in chemical dependence programs.
Richard Spence, Ph.D. Richard Spence, Ph.D.DetailsResearch ProfessorRoom #: HPB 335Phone: (512) 232-0608Email: rtspence@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Research in the epidemiology of alcohol and other drug (AOD) problems; Needs assessment for AOD services; Outcomes assessment and performance management for AOD treatment; Planning and statewide resource allocation for AOD services.
David W. Springer, Ph.D., LCSW David W. Springer, Ph.D., LCSWDetailsUniversity Distinguished Teaching Professor and Director of the RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service in the LBJ School of Public AffairsRoom #: 3.130EPhone: (512) 471-0512Email: dwspringer@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice Reform; Leadership in Human Service Systems; Community-Based Interventions with At-Risk Youth; Community-Based Research and Intervention Research; Applied Psychometric Theory and Scale Development.
Calvin L. Streeter, Ph.D. Calvin L. Streeter, Ph.D.DetailsProfessor and Meadows Foundation Centennial Professor in the Quality of Life in the Rural EnvironmentRoom #: 3.130GPhone: (512) 471-0543Email: cstreeter@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Organization behavior and social administration, disaster preparedness and community response to crisis, school social work and dropout prevention, quality management in human services rural human services, social research and measurement.
Mitch Sudolsky, MSSW, LCSW Mitch Sudolsky, MSSW, LCSWDetailsClinical Professor and Adjunct Faculty LiaisonRoom #: 3.124KPhone: (512) 475-7328Email: sudolsky@mail.utexas.eduInterests: His current work at Jewish Family Services includes clinical supervision, program development, and providing clinical services and public education programs.
Mary Velasquez, Ph.D. Mary Velasquez, Ph.D.DetailsCentennial Professor in Leadership for Community, Professional and Corporate Excellence; Director, Health Behavior Research and Training InstituteRoom #: HPB 295, (Off. Hrs. SSW 3.130E)Phone: (512) 471-7019Email: velasquez@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Behavioral Health, Integrated Primary Care, Evidence-based interventions, Transtheoretical Model (stages of change),  Motivational Interviewing.
Luis H. Zayas, Ph.D. Luis H. Zayas, Ph.D.DetailsDean and Robert Lee Sutherland Chair in Mental Health and Social PolicyRoom #: 2.202BPhone: (512) 471-1937Email: lzayas@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Adapting interventions for diverse ethnocultural families; suicide attempts among young Latinos; child and adolescent mental health; family functioning; advocacy for U.S. citizen-children.
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Esther J. Calzada, Ph.D. Esther J. Calzada, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate ProfessorRoom #: 3.106EPhone: (512) 471-2797Email: esther.calzada@austin.utexas.edu
Catherine Cubbin, Ph.D. Catherine Cubbin, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate ProfessorRoom #: HPB 295, (Off. Hrs. SSW 3.130E)Phone: (512) 232-0625Email: ccubbin@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Social epidemiology; social inequalities in health; neighborhood environments and health; conceptualization and measurement of socioeconomic status/position
Miguel J. Ferguson, Ph.D. Miguel J. Ferguson, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate ProfessorRoom #: 3.122BPhone: (512) 232-5914Email: miguelf@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Social welfare history, poverty, social welfare policies and programs, gender and ethnic biases in social welfare policy, welfare reform evaluation. Poverty; economic security and inequality; social policy
Dorie J. Gilbert, Ph.D. Dorie J. Gilbert, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate ProfessorRoom #: 3.130HPhone: (512) 471-8229Email: dgm@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Africentric interventions, global health and mental health disparities, international development and social entrepreneurship.
Lori K. Holleran Steiker, Ph.D., ACSW Lori K. Holleran Steiker, Ph.D., ACSWDetailsAssociate Professor, University Distinguished Teaching ProfessorRoom #: 3.122APhone: (512) 232-9330Email: lorikay@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Substance abuse prevention, culturally grounded social work practice, adult and adolescent substance abuse and recovery, and social work with groups.
Yuri Jang, Ph.D. Yuri Jang, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate ProfessorRoom #: 3.130CPhone: (512) 471-1702Email: yjang12@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Gerontology; Health disparities; Minority aging; Mental health and service utilization.
Barbara L. Jones, Ph.D. Barbara L. Jones, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate Professor, Assistant Dean for Health Affairs, and Co-Director for The Institute for Palliative Care and Family SurvivalRoom #: 3.212GPhone: (512) 475-9367Email: barbarajones@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Pediatric palliative and end of life care, grief and loss, childhood cancer survivors, adolescent and young adult oncology, children with medical complexity, parenting interventions in pediatrics, resilience, meaning-making and post traumatic growth, interprofessional education, integrated behavioral health, medical ethics, and international social work.
Tammy Linseisen, LCSW, ACSW Tammy Linseisen, LCSW, ACSWDetailsClinical Associate ProfessorRoom #: 3.124FPhone: (512) 471-9240Email: tlinseisen@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Child abuse/neglect, children's mental health issues, family treatment, field instruction, social work methods, foster care and adoption issues, young adult issues, and clinical supervision.
Molly Lopez, Ph.D. Molly Lopez, Ph.D.DetailsResearch Associate ProfessorRoom #: HPB 335Phone: (512) 232-0614Email: mlopez@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Mental health services research, evidence-based practice, trauma informed care, cognitive behavioral therapies, implementation science, fidelity assessment, workforce competency, systems of care.
Vicki Y. Packheiser Vicki Y. PackheiserDetailsClinical Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Undergraduate ProgramsRoom #: 2.240Phone: (512) 471-2364Email: vpackheiser@mail.utexas.eduInterests: The importance of creativity at all levels of social work practice, the creative and expressive art therapies, clinical practice, international social work, field education, service learning, professional resilience and the prevention of compassion fatigue, secondary trauma and burnout.
Michele A. Rountree, Ph.D. Michele A. Rountree, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate ProfessorRoom #: 3.122EPhone: (512) 471-7160Email: mrountree@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Core research focus is in the area of health disparities in relation to socio-political, cultural and structural factors. Specific, narrowed inquiry is in the investigation of mental health and health associated with the intersection between intimate partner violence (IPV) and heightened risk for HIV/AIDS. Additional areas of research are the development and evaluation of evidence-based HIV/AIDS interventions and prevention strategies tailored to women and communities of color.
Sanna J. Thompson, Ph.D. Sanna J. Thompson, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate ProfessorRoom #: 3.122CPhone: (512) 232-0604Email: sannathompson@utexas.eduInterests: Clinical interventions with adolescents and families; juvenile delinquency; runaway/homeless youth; adolescent substance abuse intervention research; homeless young adults.
Kirk von Sternberg, Ph.D. Kirk von Sternberg, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate ProfessorRoom #: HPB 295, (Off. Hrs. SSW 3.130E)Phone: (512) 232-0633Email: vonsternberg@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Testing health behavior interventions based on the Transtheoretical Model of Change and Motivational Interviewing including prevention of alcohol- and tobacco-exposed pregnancy, HIV prevention and safer sexual practices, and alcohol and other substance abuse in medical settings; examining  mechanisms of change and conducting psychometric analyses of current process of change assessments.
Tanya Voss Tanya VossDetailsClinical Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Field EducationRoom #: 2.234Phone: (512) 471-0510Email: tmvoss@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Field education, clinical supervision, policy and practice, community-based services for juvenile and criminal justice client-family systems, children of incarcerated parents.
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Terrence T. Allen, MSSA, Ph.D. Terrence T. Allen, MSSA, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.130DPhone: (512) 232-4420Email: tallen@austin.utexas.eduInterests: The intersection between the child welfare, juvenile justice, education and mental health systems; the interaction between police and juveniles in urban communities; urban neighborhood development and community based program development and evaluation.
Yessenia Castro, Ph.D. Yessenia Castro, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant ProfessorRoom #: HPB 295, (Off. Hrs. SSW 3.130E)Phone: (512) 232-0778Email: ycastro@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Development, evaluation, and dissemination of interventions for health risk behaviors; effects of cultural factors, gender, and race/ethnicity on health behavior; Latino health; psychometrics.
Susan M. De Luca, Ph.D. Susan M. De Luca, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant Professor and Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender StudiesRoom #: 3.130LPhone: (512) 471-1713Email: sdeluca@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Adolescent suicide prevention with a focus on Latinas.
Lauren E. Gulbas, Ph.D. Lauren E. Gulbas, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.116BPhone: (512) 232-4418Email: laurengulbas@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Culture and Mental Health, Suicidal Behavior, Immigration, Family Systems, Race and Gender Studies, Latin America
Cossy Hough, LCSW Cossy Hough, LCSWDetailsClinical Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.124GPhone: (512) 471-8226Email: cossyhough@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Field education, case management, social administration, social welfare, public health, medical social work.
Elizabeth Mueller, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant ProfessorRoom #: SUT 4.114Phone: (512) 471-1151Email: ejmueller@mail.utexas.edu
Angela M. Nonaka, Ph.D. Angela M. Nonaka, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.106DPhone: (512) 471-9701Email: angelanonaka@austin.utexas.edu
Christopher P. Salas-Wright, Ph.D. Christopher P. Salas-Wright, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant Professor and Faculty Affiliate, Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (LLILAS)Room #: 3.106FPhone: (512) 471-0765Email: salaswright@utexas.eduInterests: Etiology of adolescent alcohol and drug use; the intersection of substance use and HIV risk behavior; the examination of the dynamics of youth violence and juvenile delinquency; the role of religiosity and spirituality in positive youth development.
Sarah Sloan, LCSW-S Sarah Sloan, LCSW-SDetailsClinical Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.124HPhone: (512) 471-9107Email: ssloan@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Field education, clinical practice, group therapy, supervision, mindfulness, LGBTQ issues, grief and loss, and generalist practice.
Robin Smith, LCSW Robin Smith, LCSWDetailsClinical Assistant Professor and Integrated Behavioral Health Scholars Program CoordinatorRoom #: 3.124JPhone: (512) 471-3438Email: robinsmith@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Field education; mental health and chemical dependency assessment and recovery; medical social work and behavioral health interventions; suicide assessment and prevention; crisis intervention; 12-step recovery; family interventions.
Dede Sparks, LMSW Dede Sparks, LMSWDetailsClinical Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.124BPhone: (512) 471-9063Email: dsparks@austin.utexas.edu
Sarah Swords, LCSW Sarah Swords, LCSWDetailsClinical Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.124DPhone: (512) 471-7231Email: saswords@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Field education, gerontology, domestic violence, eating disorders, women's mental health, and philanthropy.
Ahmed Whitt, Ph.D. Ahmed Whitt, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.106CPhone: (512) 471-1003Email: ahmedwhitt@utexas.edu
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Tom Bohman, Ph.D. Tom Bohman, Ph.D.DetailsResearch ScientistRoom #: HPB 335Phone: (512) 232-0605Email: bohman@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Substance abuse; evaluation; survey research; design and analysis of longitudinal research studies with particular focus on prevention studies; analysis of non-independent data (e.g., data from families); multilevel modeling; generalized linear models; complex survey sampling.
Mary S. Cook, LMSW Mary S. Cook, LMSWDetailsResearch AssociateRoom #: HPB 335Phone: (512) 232-0619Email: mscook@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Research and practice in the areas of children and families, addiction, poverty, and diversity issues.
Monica Faulkner, Ph.D., LMSW Monica Faulkner, Ph.D., LMSWDetailsResearch AssociateRoom #: 3.212CAPhone: (512) 471-7191Email: mfaulkner@austin.utexas.eduInterests:Child welfare, teen pregnancy/parenthood, women's health, child care, Latino families, immigration, child and family policy, advanced statistics: hierarchal linear modeling.
Noel Landuyt, Ph.D. Noel Landuyt, Ph.D.DetailsResearch Associate and LecturerRoom #: HPB 345Phone: (512) 471-9831Email: nlanduyt@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Organizational development and assessment, leadership development. Non-profit management, Public Safety.
Carol M. Lewis, Ph.D. Carol M. Lewis, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate Director, CSWRRoom #: 3.208FPhone: (512) 471-9219Email: carolmarie@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Research administration; adolescent pregnancy prevention; intensive case management for adolescent parents; reproductive health; research design; program evaluation.
Lori MangrumDetailsResearch ScientistRoom #: HPB 335Phone: (512) 232-0641Email: lmangrum@mail.utexas.edu
Stephanie L. Rivaux, Ph.D., LMSWDetailsResearch Associate and LecturerRoom #: 3.104APhone: (512) 471-9826Email: s_rivaux@mail.utexas.edu
Sophia P. Sarantakos, LCSW Sophia P. Sarantakos, LCSWDetailsResearch AssociateRoom #: HPB 295Phone: (512) 232-0626Email: spsarantakos@austin.utexas.edu
Stacey Stevens Manser, Ph.D. Stacey Stevens Manser, Ph.D.DetailsResearch ScientistRoom #: HPB 335Phone: (512) 289-0148Email: stacey.manser@mail.utexas.edu
Lynn Wallisch, Ph.D. Lynn Wallisch, Ph.D.DetailsResearch ScientistRoom #: HPB 335Phone: (512) 232-0611Email: lynn.wallisch@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Substance abuse; problem gambling; survey research; acculturation.
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Amanda N. Barczyk, Ph.D., MSW Amanda N. Barczyk, Ph.D., MSWDetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.104APhone: (512) 471-9826Email: abarczyk@utexas.edu
Margaret Bassett Margaret BassettDetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.104APhone: (512) 471-9826Email: Margaret.Bassett@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, expert witness training. 
Mary Beer, LCSWDetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.104APhone: (512) 471-9826Email: mbeer1234@yahoo.com
Carmel Drewes, LCSWDetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.104APhone: (512) 471-9826Email: carmel.msw@gmail.com
Ruth Fagan-Wilen, Ph.D., LCSW Ruth Fagan-Wilen, Ph.D., LCSWDetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.104APhone: (210) 219-0055Email: ruthfagan@mail.utexas.eduInterests: Marital and group therapy, using parllel processes (teaching and practice) in classroom instruction. Developed the Birth Family Continuum Model to help protective service workers and foster and adoptive parents work with birth parents.
Beth Gerlach, Ph.D., LCSW Beth Gerlach, Ph.D., LCSWDetailsLecturer and Social Science/Humanities Research Associate VRoom #: 3.212CCPhone: (512) 471-9420Email: beth_gerlach@utexas.eduInterests: Social work practice in schools, prevention and intervention research in school settings, child welfare, adolescent pregnancy prevention, school-based health and mental health services, family relationships and intervention, adolescents aging out of foster care and education reform models.
Pamela Haynes, DCSW, BCD, LCSW Pamela Haynes, DCSW, BCD, LCSWDetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.104APhone: (877) 519-1144Email: phaynes@austin.utexas.eduInterests: Currently working in private practice. Her areas of expertise include: practice and supervision of a variety of therapy models including individual psychotherapy, family therapy, hypnotherapy, and therapeutic groups such as adults molested as children. Prior to coming to Austin she was on the faculty of the Family Practice Residency program at Tripler Army Medical Center, teaching F.P. and F.P. - Psychiatry interns and residents.
Dina Kassler, Ph.D. Dina Kassler, Ph.D.DetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.104APhone: (512) 471-9826Email: dinakassler@yahoo.comInterests: Geropsychology; Treatment outcome research; Depression treatment modalities; Psychopharmacology; Addictions treatment.
John Luk, M.D. John Luk, M.D.DetailsLecturer and Assistant Professor of Medicine, Dell Medical SchoolPhone: (512) 324-0165Email: jluk@seton.orgInterests: Pre-health professions education; Medical education; Interprofessional education; Team work; Communications; Ethics; Professional Identity Formation; Pediatrics; Quality Improvement and Patient Safety.
Sarah McCafferty, LCSW Sarah McCafferty, LCSWDetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.104APhone: (512) 299-4406Email: sarah.m.mccafferty@gmail.comInterests: School-based social work, community organizing, social change movements, integration of multiple social identities, experiential group work, and generalist practice.
Diane McDaniel Rhodes Diane McDaniel RhodesDetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.116DPhone: (512) 471-1831Email: diane.rhodes@utexas.eduInterests: Family violence, partner violence, violence against women, social inequity, popular culture
Arlene Montgomery, Ph.D. Arlene Montgomery, Ph.D.DetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.104APhone: (512) 480-8086Email: yerzaborzoi@aol.comInterests: Professional interests include the clinical implications of the neurobiology of relationships between and among people as it relates to social service delivery and clinical work, with particular interest in group work, supervision, attachment, adolescents, and trauma.
Russell Smith, LMSW Russell Smith, LMSWDetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.104APhone: (512) 491-8327Email: russasmith@aol.comInterests: I am the Executive Director of YouthLaunch,a local non-profit dedicated to engaging young people in service. I'm also on the Board of Austin Groups for the Elderly, an organization my grandmother, Bert Kruger Smith, founded 23 years ago.
Melissa Smith, M.D. Melissa Smith, M.D.DetailsSenior LecturerEmail: melissacsmith@utexas.eduInterests: Health disparities, community participatory research, health literacy, women's health, global health
Julie SpeirDetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.104APhone: (512) 471-9826Email: julie.speir@lifeworksaustin.org
Deborah Webb, Ph.D., LCSW, LPC, LCDCDetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.104APhone: (512) 799-9358Email: debbiewebb@aol.comInterests: A dual diagnosis (severe mental Illness and chemical dependency) expert consultant. The founder of Good Chemistry Groups for persons with dual disorders.

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