The image of the Steve Hicks School of Social Work should be presented in a consistent and professional manner that follows university guidelines. These resources are intended to help you use the school’s brand elements correctly and consistently in your presentations, reports, and any other documents.


The Steve Hicks School of Social Work name must be in all legal documents as well as publications, including but not limited to reports, presentations, websites, brochures, mailers, flyers, and posters. The recommended designation for the our school is Steve Hicks School of Social Work.

When used in a document, the complete name “Steve Hicks School of Social Work” should be used upon first reference. Thereafter “Steve Hicks School” or “school” may be used. SHS is also an acceptable acronym on second or additional reference.

Acknowledgement in publications: please make sure to mention the Steve Hicks School of Social Work along with The University of Texas at Austin and any specific offices, centers, or institutes. For example: “This study was conducted by the XYZ Institute at The University of Texas at Austin Steve Hicks School of Social Work with support from the ABC foundation…”


The Steve Hicks School’s wordmark or “logo” should serve as the official school identification for all print and electronic communications. For instance, the logo should be included in institutes’ websites, posters and presentations, reports, brochures and flyers, invitations to school-sponsored events. The logo should not be altered in any way.

To access The University of Texas at Austin’s brand assets, go here.

Branded Zoom backgrounds

Find Zoom backgrounds with Steve Hicks School and UT Austin branding in the school’s Flickr account.

Electronic letterhead

Contact the Communications Department for the electronic version of the Steve Hicks School letterhead. Paper versions of the letterhead can be found in the Dean’s Office.

Letterhead is reserved for University employees creating official University-sponsored communications or communications in direct relation to official University job functions (e.g. recommendation letters from faculty). UT and SHS letterhead should NOT be used for reasons such as personal or agency advocacy, communications unrelated to the University, or other instances that do not fall under official use. Please contact the Director of Marketing & Communications if you have questions on proper usage of letterhead.

UT Austin color palette

Use of color must be consistent across the university. See primary and secondary palette.