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Student organizations bring students together to share topics of mutual interest. All are welcome. Each spring, all student organizations are required to complete a four-step annual registration process. This ensures that each organization updates its profile and information with the University and meets the eligibility requirements outlined in The University’s Institutional Rules.

Annual Registration will open January 2, 2024, and close on February 16, 2024. For more information about how to register, please click here.

Sponsored Student Organizations

The Social Work Council provides a forum for communication with faculty and staff, and organizes educational, service and social action activities to enhance student involvement and cohesion. Under maintenance, please check again at a later date.

Registered Student Organizations

Considered private entities and do not represent the university

Our student -developed and – led affinity groups  bring together students across all identifies to discuss shared experiences without faculty or staff present.

EJET (Environmental, Justice and Ecotherapy Student Organization) seeks to  to promote awareness, engagement and action around ecotherapy practices and environmental justice issues. The organization hosts speakers on the topics, facilitate workshops, and attend relevant events in the community.

All registered student organizations maintain a profile on HornsLink that they can use to share helpful information about their group and upcoming events.