Academic calendar and class schedule

Access the  official university academic calendar and see no-class days. No mandatory class meetings can be held on these days. No member of the faculty has the right to alter the academic calendar without the consent of all those who approved it (Faculty Council, Administration, Board of Regents).

See the Office of the Registrar for exam schedules and final exam policies.

Steve Hicks School class schedules are prepared by the associate dean for academic affairs in discussion with the dean, program directors committee, the graduate program coordinator and the faculty.

Course descriptions and syllabi

Go to this UT Box Folder (login required) to find approved course objectives and descriptions grouped by APP, Clinical, Electives, Field, and Foundation.

Go to the Syllabi Archive to search current and past syllabi in PDF format.

Every semester, all teaching faculty must submit copies of their syllabi to Mia Vinton,

Curriculum assessment

Go to this UT Box folder (login required) to find curriculum assessment rubrics in Excel spreadsheet format for BSW, MSSW Foundation, MSSW Advanced APP, MSSW Advanced Clinical, and MSSW Advanced Capstone.

Book orders

Order your textbook through the University Coop system (login required). Not sure how to do it? See these instructions.

Evening Class Emergencies

Supports for students


CARE is a program of the UT Counseling and Mental Health Center that places licensed counselors in academic units to help students who have been referred by faculty and staff. The CARE Counselor in the Steve Hicks School of Social Work is Gretchen Rees, LCSW. To refer a student, please complete this CARE Referral form.


Services for Student with Disabilities determines eligibility and helps implement accommodations for students with disabilities at UT Austin. Contact this office with questions or concerns about working with or accommodating a student with a disability.

Title IX

The Title IX Office provides support around Title IX regulations and implements best practices for preventing sex discrimination and gender-based violence at the university. You can report incidents of sex discrimination on their website.

Campus Climate Response Team

The Campus Climate Response Team addresses bias incidents (hateful comments, verbal harassment, hostile classroom environments, etc.) in an effort to advance an inclusive and diverse campus culture.

Relevant policies

Observance of religious holidays

  • Sections 51.911 of the Texas Education Code states that a student who misses an examination, work assignment, or other project due to the observance of a religious holy day must be given an opportunity to complete the work missed within a reasonable time after the absence, provided that the student has properly notified each instructor. University policy states that the student must notify each instructor at least fourteen days prior to the classes scheduled on dates he or she will be absent to observe a religious holy day. For religious holidays that fall within the first two weeks of the semester, the notice should be given on the first day of the semester.
  • Section 51.925 prohibits the university from discriminating against or penalizing an instructor who is absent from class for the observance of a religious holy day. Proper notice must be given to the department chairman prior to the beginning of class that will be missed due to observance of a religious holy day. The notice must be either personally delivered, acknowledged, and dated by the chairman or sent certified mail, return receipt requested. Consistent with regular university policy, the instructor is responsible for finding a qualified substitute or UT Austin instructor for any such class(es).

Office hours

As per the Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Section III.12, “Members of the teaching staff are expected to post on their office doors, and publish in any other manner required by the chief administrative official, office hours and conference periods most advantageous to students.”

Use of own book as required reading

Textbooks written by Steve Hicks School of Social Work faculty may be used as required reading for a course as long as proper approval is granted. An “Authorization to Use Textbooks,” available in the Dean’s Office, must be completed. This form requests information on the monetary return per volume involved. The faculty must vote to approve the use of the textbook (usually a vote is taken at a faculty meeting) and the form must be approved by the dean. This request for approval must be submitted for each year that the book will be used.