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Services to Researchers

The Office of the Associate Dean for Research ensures that proposals and projects comply with sponsor, state, and federal guidelines, internal policies as well as university and school requirements.

We encourage researchers to contact us as soon as they decide to submit a proposal or contract.

For detailed and updated information, guidance and procedures related to both the pre-award and post-award phases of your sponsored research project, please visit the OADR Wiki space.

Pre-award Grant and Contract Services

Preparing and submitting proposals

  • Facilitate peer review by an external reviewer. See peer-review process diagram and guidelines.
  • Meet with principal investigator (PI) to review sponsor guidelines, university and external submission requirements, and to establish timeline for submitting to the university’s Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) for approval.
  • Prepare budgets and budget justifications that comply with sponsor and OSP policies.
  • Prepare proposal application forms and assemble “boilerplate” language to sponsor specifications.
  • Coordinate receipt of application materials from collaborators and subcontractors.
  • Submit proposal or contract to OSP, and serve as liaison between OSP and PI.
  • Submit proposal or contract to sponsor, and serve as administrative liaison between PI and sponsor while decision is pending

Post-Award Services

Accounts and expenditures

  • Meet with PI upon award to review budget as well as purchasing, hiring, and travel procedures and requirements.
  • Work with UT Austin Sponsored Projects Awards Administration (SPAA) on orders, travel requests, vouchers, cash advances, payments for services, and ProCard purchases.
  • Provide financial reports to PI.
  • Provide financial reports to funding agencies.
  • Maintain book-keeping and monthly account reconciliation for all OADR accounts and sponsored projects.
  • Prepare year-end account statements for the university.


  • Assist PI with recruiting and hiring personnel, and assist new hires with personnel forms, keys, and space. Read the Research Space Allocation Policy by clicking here.
  • Make new and renewing personnel appointments.
  • Prepare bi-annual project personnel certifications as required by university policy.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) support

  • Assist faculty with submitting IRB applications, continuing renewals, and amendments.
  • Coordinate IRB proposal review with the Department Review Committee.
  • Assist faculty and new personnel with filing their human subjects certification.