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Dr. Lauren Gulbas is a medical anthropologist, social work researcher, and staunch advocate for the recognition and integration of qualitative research methods in studies of mental health disparities. In her research, she bridges the gap between quantitative and qualitative approaches, emphasizing the importance of rich narrative data in complementing quantitative findings. By adopting a community-based approach that emphasizes mutual input and shared experiences, Dr. Gulbas aims to produce rigorous and meaningful scholarship that not only expands knowledge but also addresses the structural dynamics that lead to community risks.

An ardent proponent of mental health equity, Dr. Gulbas advocates for parity in mental health outcomes through her translational program of research. Her work extends beyond academia, actively integrating empirically-based research into clinical and community-based practice settings. By collaborating with mental health providers, community members, patients, and caregivers, Dr. Gulbas fosters a collaborative and applied research approach, empowering individuals and communities to actively participate in reducing mental health inequities, particularly in the field of suicide prevention.

Driven by her passion for advancing qualitative research, Dr. Gulbas established the Advanced Qualitative Research Lab in 2019. As the Director, she cultivates an interdisciplinary research environment that supports and nurtures the qualitative research endeavors of undergraduate students. The lab’s vision is twofold: to diversify student research experiences and to nurture their research aspirations. Through the integration of research and practice, the lab examines the effectiveness of resiliency training on student well-being and provides strategies for creating a classroom environment where students can thrive.

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Culture and Mental Health, Suicidal Behavior, Immigration, Family Systems, Race and Gender Studies, Latin America