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Field Office COVID policies 2020-2021

Policies from the Field Office created to enhance the safety and wellbeing of social work interns during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 field preparation assignment

Instructions for completing the required Covid-19 field preparations for field assignment.

Remote learning opportunities for field, academic year 2020-2021

A list of remote learning opportunities curated by the Field Office. Pre-approval required by faculty liaison and field instructor.

Remote learning competency assignment

An assignment students must complete for each online training, webinar or teaching module they take in order to receive field hours.

Malpractice memo

Information about the Steve Hicks School of Social Work’s blanket liability program for students in field internships.

Field expectations checklist

A checklist of basic expectations for generalist BSW and MSSW First Field interns as well as specialized, advanced MSSW Final Field interns.

Field expectations checklist, Spanish

Expectativas básicas para las pasantías generalistas BSW y MSSW, así como las pasantías especializadas avanzadas MSSW.

Learning contract

Learning contract between intern and field instructor.

Learning contract, Spanish

Spanish version of learning contract between intern and field instructor.

Process recording template

Form used to transcribe a client interaction and record clinician reactions and analysis of event.

Process recording template, Spanish

Spanish translation of the process recording template.

Process recording directions/example

Instructions for how to complete the process recording form, including an example of a completed process recording.


Time-sheet provided by the Field Office to assist students, field instructors and faculty liaisons in tracking student internship hours.

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