Pre-Social Work Majors

Students 5Any undergraduate student admitted to the university who has identified social work as their major enters as a pre-social work major. There are no extra admission requirements for these students.

Undergraduate students in other departments at the university who want to transfer to the pre-social work major must complete the Internal Transfer Application (PDF), and meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of at least twelve semester hours of coursework in residence at the university. Credit earned by exam, correspondence, and extension may not be counted toward this requirement.
  • A cumulative in-residence grade point average of at least 2.00. If social work coursework has been completed prior to the application, a grade point of at least 2.50 in those courses is required, and all social work courses must have been completed with a grade of at least C.

Only undergraduate students currently enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin may apply for the Internal Transfer Application. Internal Transfer Applications are due on May 1st and December 1st of each year (or the first following business day).

Admission as pre-social work majors to the school through Internal Transfer Application is offered on a space-available basis to the students who are best qualified. Students with over 90 semester hours of coursework or a completed degree in other college/school are encouraged to consider other options, such as pursuing a master’s degree in social work at a later date.

If you have any questions about applying for the pre-social work major, please contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Alexis George, at

If you have completed the pre-social work major prerequisites and are interested in applying for the social work major, see admission requirements here.