The School of Social Work’s Institute for Organizational Excellence (IOE) administers the Survey of Employee Engagement (SEE) to participating organizations. The survey started in 1979, when the Texas Governor requested assistance from the School of Social Work to assess state human resources (read more here). The longest participating set of agencies is within Texas state government. All Texas state agencies are required by the both the state legislature and the governor through a strategic planning process to assess human resources every two years. IOE is listed as entity to provide assistance to the state in the planning instructions. Results of the survey are used by organizational leadership, reported to the Texas State Auditor, Sunset Commission, Office of the Governor, and various Texas Legislative Offices. The information gained from the survey can serve as a benchmark for organizational change efforts initiated as a result of the findings, be incorporated in the agency’s goals, and provide support for the agency’s biennial legislative appropriation request.

The survey has now expanded into multiple states and is utilized by organizations in various sectors such as city government, housing authorities, K-12 schools, transit authorities, child welfare agencies, and institutions of higher education.   The survey addresses workforce and workplace issues including: quality of service, performance training, diversity, quality of work life, organizational communication, team effectiveness, and organizational creativity.  The survey provides baseline information for agencies about the functioning of the organization.

Key Points

  • Surveyed organizations in 30 states
  • Survey over 250,000 employees every two years
  • Maintain multiple employee engagement benchmarks
  • Partnered with Child Welfare League of America to benchmark Child Welfare Employees
  • Part of the State of Texas Strategic Planning Process
  • Principle Sponsor is the Texas Legislature and Office of the Governor