Steve Hicks School Funding

The Steve Hicks School administers a limited number of undergraduate and graduate fellowships and scholarships that are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, professional potential and need.

We encourage you to check with your advisor on how to be considered for Steve Hicks School fellowships and scholarships.

students with Steve Hicks sign

BSW students

Applications are accepted each April and May for consideration for the next academic year. Students must have been accepted into the Practice Sequence to be considered. Awards are primarily given to BSW students going into their final year and completing field internships. Students will be notified about scholarship decisions in the summer following scholarship application. All applications must be received by 5:00pm on the last business day of May. 

MSSW students

To be considered for Steve Hicks School fellowships, scholarships and employment, MSSW students must have an updated financial support application (FSA) on file.

BSW and MSSW students are also eligible for field-related programs that offer student awards. Learn more about these programs.

General & Topic-Specific Awards

While many of the Steve Hicks School awards don’t have restrictions, some are for students with interest in specific topics or areas or work. Below is a sample of general and topic-specific awards available to BSW, MSSW and PhD students. Please ask your social work advisor how to be considered for these awards.

Steve Hicks Endowed ScholarshipX
Addiction and Recovery
Cole William Adams Memorial Endowed Presidential FellowshipX
Daniel B. and Vicki Ross Endowed ScholarshipX
Kara and Jay Hartzell Endowed FellowshipXX
Mindy Hildebrand Endowed ScholarshipXXX
Kerr Family Pay It Forward Endowed ScholarshipX
Health and Mental Health
Cynthia and Christina Franklin Endowed Fellowship in Solution-Focused Brief TherapyXX
Judge Pat Shelton and Family: Elizabeth, Hayley, Ian, and David Scott Shelton Endowed Presidential FellowshipXX
Family Trauma Systems Endowed FellowshipX
Military and Veterans
Patrick Hefferan Memorial Endowed FellowshipX
Sheral Trousdale Skinner Endowed Graduate FellowshipXX
Darren Zeller Memorial Endowed Presidential FellowshipXX