Steve Hicks School Funding

The Steve Hicks School understands the significant financial challenges impacting students today and is committed to supporting the student educational experience.

Student support is a top priority for SHS administration, and two out of three students at SHS receive financial support through a scholarship, grant, or stipend. We also continue to develop new funding and assistance opportunities for students.

The School administers a number of undergraduate and graduate fellowships and scholarships. Each fund has its individual criteria and can include academic achievement, professional potential and/or financial need.

Students are highly encouraged to complete the FASFA or TASFA as these are the primary basis for awards based on financial need. More than $1.6 million in funding, including scholarships and fellowships, was awarded in Academic Year 2023-24.

To be considered for scholarships or fellowships, please complete the appropriate scholarship application (e.g. Steve Hicks School of Social Work Scholarship Application-BSW, Steve Hicks School of Social Work Scholarship Application-MSSW or St. David’s Bilingual Social Work Scholars Program) using the University’s scholarship management system, Longhorn Awards and Student Scholarship Opportunities (LASSO).

The Moritz Student Support fund, a special fund run by the John David and Leslie B. Moritz Family (pictured middle right) through SHS, does not require an application and is awarded to eligible MSSW students in the last semester of their practicum placement based on financial need as established by the FASFA or TASFA.

Doctoral students

Please visit the webpage below for information about doctoral funding.

Practicum Funding

Both BSW and MSSW students are eligible for practicum-related programs that offer student awards. Learn more about these programs.

Please note that funding may affect the student’s status with financial aid. It is the student’s responsibility to connect with Texas One Stop to determine the impact before accepting the funding.