From: Dallas, TX

Why social work? I am a first-generation American who grew up with undocumented parents. I always sought to be the voice for the immigrant community; I want to use my privilege and my citizenship to advocate for the rights of others. With a social work degree, I seek to bring awareness to immigration issues and work with a nonprofit that focuses on immigrant rights.

What do you like best about the BSW program? I love everything about the BSW program, but what I appreciate the most is how we, collectively as a program, practice what we advocate.

A social work professor who has made the most impact on you: Professor Diane Rhodes. Her cheerful personality uplifted me on my saddest days and her charisma made me feel very welcomed at all times. When I took her class, I was experiencing what she called “imposter syndrome.” She was the only person I felt comfortable talking about this and the only person who helped me overcome it.

Extracurricular activities: I am a mentor for the Longhorn Link Program, a volunteer at Posada Esperanza – Casa Marianella, and a member of Ignite and of Minority Women Pursuing Law. Additionally, as a recent participant in the Urban Economic Development study abroad program in Cape Town, South Africa, I am raising funds for an anti-hunger campaign in South Africa by selling healthy and nutritious meal preps on campus. It is also an effort to bring awareness to food inequality, food desserts, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Through my social media exposure, I try to make people aware of living circumstances in Third World countries, of food desserts, all while promoting healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

What’s next after graduation? I plan to pursue my master of social work and eventually attend law school and focusing on immigration law. I look forward to changing the immigration system and promoting a world with no borders. I firmly believe everyone has the right to explore the world and seek a better life for oneself wherever one deems fit, regardless of age, race, color, or original birthplace.

Advice for prospective BSW students: Explore! I believe everyone in the BSW program has the desire to help people and change the world, but many don’t know or are not sure of how to do it. Explore, explore, explore! Find your passion, find what you are good at, and pursue it. When you are passionate about something, you will go to whatever extremes to pursue it.