From: Wharton, Texas

Why social work? A quick fun fact about me is that I’m an adopted- triplet. My time in foster care and what came after my adoption is why I decided to pursue social work. Since childhood and throughout middle school, I knew social work was the field for me but I didn’t know what role I’d play in the field. It wasn’t until this past summer when I took a trip to Israel that I realized my true calling – to be an international social worker.

Favorite part about the BSW program: It is such a great program! It’s a small school and all of the professors genuinely seem to care about me, which seems unusual at such a large university. I also love how our classes aren’t all about reading textbooks and literature, they are more about real life testimonies and experiences.

Favorite professor: The professor that has really impacted me is Shane Whalley. Professor Whalley really helped my transition to UT Austin easier and helped me understand the world of social work on a new level.

What’s next after graduation? I hope to be an international social worker with an emphasis on crisis and trauma counseling.

Advice for prospective BSW students: My advice to any and all incoming social work students is to not stress yourself out if you don’t reach a 4.0 GPA. I learned that most supervisors don’t look at your GPA but look for experience. Do your work and do it well but don’t “kill” yourself trying to get the perfect grade. Focus more on getting experience in the field that you want to major in; for example volunteering, internships, etc. Most of all, enjoy your time as a college student!