Principal Investigator: Dorie Gilbert, Ph.D.

The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) is a non-profit, international leadership training organization based in Washington, D. C.. Currently NCBI has 50 city-based leadership teams (NCBI Chapters), 30 organizational-based leadership teams (NCBI Affiliates), and over 40 college/university-based teams or Campus Affiliates. A total of twenty-four (24) junior and senior students from two high schools participated in the 3-day Train-the-Trainer Prejudice and Violence Reduction workshop. Fifteen females and 9 males comprised the group. Ethnic diversity included 2 Asian-American students, 3 African American students, 8 Hispanic students, 9 White students, and 2 students self-identifying as mixed race. In addition to the students, teachers and school counselors who had been involved with supporting the efforts of the training were also present.

Both quantitative survey data and qualitative data were collected to evaluate the training. Virtually 100% of the students participating in the training agreed or agreed strongly that the workshop was effective in meeting its objectives. Overall, evaluation results of the 3-day training indicate it was highly successful, to date. However, Component 2 of the Welcoming Diversity Project is still on-going. This component includes further work by the students to conduct prejudice and violence reduction workshops with their peers.

National Coalition Building Institute