The purpose of the Voices of Struggle research is to document the struggle against anti-gay legislation, ameliorate the effects of the traumatic losses associated with Proposition 2, identify the impact activism has on the resilience of participants, and explore storytelling as a community intervention.

To date, the emerging themes related to the loss around this Texas fight include: fear for self, loved ones and children including the next generation, exhaustion and numbness, preoccupation with failure including guilt and blame, an interest in political engagement and a desire to move toward civil disobedience.

Emerging themes related to the activism itself include: a belief in heroes, increased hope and sense of community, an increased sense of personal responsibility sometimes especially to the next generation, an increased sense of strength.

Related to both the loss and the activism itself, participants report increased activism within faith and other communities, a sense of time not being neutral (that without activism, it will move either a) for or b) against LGBT civil rights), an increased connectedness to others and more hope/optimism.

Keywords: child welfare, families, children, youth