Mission: To facilitate a statewide network for veteran spouses as they build a community of support

Veteran families face a diverse set of concerns including secondary effects of veterans’ posttraumatic stress disorder, interpersonal struggles within the family and parenting challenges due to prolonged separation, problems readjusting to civilian life, and transition challenges faced by children. Veteran spouses often bear the burden as caregivers to veterans, and sometimes report feeling that they and their families are left out of the opportunities meant to support veterans. The Veteran Spouse Network (VSN) works to fill that gap in services; focusing on the veteran spouse to ensure their needs are being met. The VSN operates out of a believe that by addressing the needs and challenges of spouses, it can ensure that the veteran family unit is the strongest family unit

The Veteran Spouse Network (VSN) began in January 2015 with funding from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), as an online and in-person forum for veteran spouses throughout Texas to become engaged in defining resources and programming for themselves and their families. Today, the VSN has grown to a network of over 800 spouses across Texas. The network continues to grow members and partners, offering opportunities for spouses to connect, share resources and offer ongoing support and guidance within their community and throughout the state.

The VSN’s work is influenced by the understanding that Veteran families rely on strong communities to support each other while facing their unique challenges. The network is designed to include members from across the state of Texas either by accessing the VSN website, Facebook page, by participating in its range of programs, or by meeting up with local members to find support and share relevant resources.

This network is housed within the Institute for Military & Veteran Family Wellness, in partnership with the Steve Hicks School of Social Work and the Dell Medical School. In line with the mission of the school, the Institute works to provide national leadership to promote social and economic justice, alleviate critical social problems, and enhance human well-being.