This is a cooperative project between the Center for Social Work Research and Substance Abuse Counseling and Assessment (SACA) of Travis County, formerly Travis County Alcohol Counseling Services (TCACS). The project is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of provision of drug and alcohol treatment to substance abusing offenders in the criminal justice system related to rate of recidivism due to alcohol and drug abuse.

An initial study using a six month follow-up period has been completed for 187 clients screened and referred to TAIP-funded treatment during the months of September 1992 through January 1993. Evaluation was based on the following outcome indicators: rearrest, relapse to substance use, changes in criterion scores on the Addiction Severity Index and interview data.

A second phase of the evaluation has also been completed including a 12 month follow-up on clients in study one related to relapse, rearrest, and types of offenses committed by clients who were re-arrested.

Finally, an analysis of recent changes in the substances used and characteristics of clients referred for services to the program has been completed including recommendations for new services designed to match current client needs.