IDVSA team:  James B. Kellison, Ph.D. (McCombs School of Business /IC2 Institute); Tom Bohman, Ph.D.; Laurie Cook Heffron; Nicole Levy

This project is designed to assess the concentration of family violence services with a description of those services throughout Texas and to produce a final report with recommendations. IDVSA staff will conduct an audit of services throughout the state with the goal to include a summary of state funded family violence programs. The summary of services may include the availability of the nine core family violence by county, a cost analysis of those services, description of underserved and non service areas, types of other services provided and by whom, the number of available shelter beds in Texas for family violence victims, and any other useful information that will inform policy and procurement processes. In addition, the IDVSA team will development of an integrated, Texas county-level dataset that combines agency survey data on services provided, domestic violence (DV) prevalence data (crime statistics, HHSC data on victims served and/or survey prevalence estimates) and census data.