Principal Investigator:
Darlene Grant, Ph.D.

Duration: 9/1/98 – 8/31/99

The Texas Juvenile Probation Commission contracted with the Center for Social Work Research to evaluate their In-Home Services Program. This program targeted adjudicated juveniles at risk of placement outside the home and provided programming that seeks to fill significant gaps in services to this population.

The evaluation included both process and outcome components. The process evaluation was a retrospective analysis of the program’s planning, development, and implementation. The purpose of this part of the evaluation was generally descriptive, allowing for a fuller understanding of the processes at work in the agencies, which impacted the progress of the clients being served. The evaluation also focused on innovative interventions. It functioned to provide program administration and staff information necessary to modify interventions based on recommendations that emerge from the ongoing evaluation. Outcome measures were identified as follows:

  • Parent/guardian ability to effectively address the behavior and needs of the family
  • Communication between parent/guardian, siblings, and the juvenile
  • Pro-social development
  • Youth criminal involvement and anti-social activity
  • Emotional warmth and strength among family members

Six counties in Texas were targeted for evaluation.

Texas Juvenile Probation Commission