Researcher: Miguel J. Ferguson, Ph.D.

Baptist Child & Family Services in San Antonio has partnered with a research team at The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work to provide a comprehensive evaluation of a treatment program for juvenile offenders with drug and alcohol problems.  The Principal Investigator is Dr. Miguel Ferguson, Associate Professor in the UT School of Social Work.  Dr. Forrest Novy, Research Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Inter-American Institute for Youth Justice in the UT School of Social Work, will serve as co-investigator. Dr. Novy, who possesses specialized knowledge in the field of special education and served as an administrator in the Texas Youth Commission, will provide input on survey development and current trends and research in juvenile justice. Consultant Stacey Borasky, Ed.D, MSW, is Chair, Department of Social Work and Sociology at St. Edward’s University. Her expertise is in the areas of child welfare, treatment of juveniles with behavioral and emotional problems, and in administration of treatment programs will be used help design and implement both the outcome and process evaluations of the program. Dr. Borasky will assist with data analysis and consult with the program on how best to adjust treatment modalities and services based on outcome and process evaluation data.