Support from The Mitte Foundation will be used to build upon Dr. Namkee Choi’s NIMH-funded research testing tele-problem-solving treatment (“tele-PST”) intervention for depressed homebound older adults in Central Texas. The tele-PST project is designed to test the feasibility and efficacy of providing PST, an evidence-based short-term talk therapy, to depressed homebound older adults via videoconferencing methods.

While the NIMH-funded research is limited to those individuals, aged 50 years and older, with moderately severe or severe depression, a significant number of referrals from the aging service network agencies in Central Texas include individuals who are mildly or moderately depressed and thus who do not qualify for participation in the intervention. Funding from the Mitte Foundation will allow Dr. Choi to expand and test the intervention with this new population.

Studies have shown that untreated mild/moderate depression in late life causes serious negative health effects and increases health care utilization. Providing PST to mildly/moderately depressed homebound older adults is a prevention measure aimed at limiting deterioration of their depressive symptoms and offering a more cost-effective intervention than treatment of severe depression.

Sponsor: The Roy F. and Joann Cole Mitte Foundation