The purpose of this project is to identify youth and young adults, age 16-25, at clinical high risk (CHR) for psychosis and provide evidence-based interventions to prevent the onset of psychosis or lessen the severity of psychotic disorder.

Through the implementation of a universal screening process for all 16-25 year olds served by Integral Care, youth and young adults will be assessed for early signs of psychosis. Following a positive screening, the youth/young adult will be assessed in greater detail.  Using a stepped-care model of care, If the youth or young is determined to be within their first episode of psychosis or CHR they will be either directly referred to the Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) program for first episode psychosis, served in the CSC step-down program, or monitored by the CHR coordinator in addition to continuing their current mental health services.  The evaluation will focus on measuring: (1) improve symptomatic and behavioral functioning; (2) enable youth and young adults to resume age-appropriate social, academic, and/or vocational activities; (3) delay or prevent the onset of psychosis; and (4) minimize the duration of untreated psychosis for those who develop psychotic symptoms.