The purpose of this consortium is for researchers with expertise in violence against women to work collaboratively in an effort to further research findings and inform intervention and prevention efforts.

As a part of this project, the IDVSA team at the Steve Hicks School of Social Work will work collaboratively with and be responsive to the consortium, actively participate in monthly meetings with core faculty & NIJ scientists, travel to DC for 1-day meeting with the National Institute of Justice each year, participate in developing research agenda with other core faculty and NIJ scientists, take lead or consulting role on at least one project in two years, identify adjuncts needed for projects; link to service providers (e.g. criminal justice providers, human service providers, health providers) for primary data collection projects, provide information for research reports submitted to NIJ, and participate in dissemination efforts including traditional academic venues (e.g. peer reviewed articles, national conferences) as well as translational activities (e.g. white papers, research to practice briefs, fact sheets, infographics)