Resilient Youth – Safer Environments (RYSE) will create comprehensive Suicide Safer Early Intervention and Prevention (SSIP) systems to support youth-serving organizations, including Texas (TX) schools, mental health (MH) programs, educational institutions, juvenile justice systems, substance abuse programs, and foster care systems. The target population, youth ages 10 to 24 years at elevated risk of suicide and suicide attempts, will receive enhanced services through best practice trainings, improved suicide care in clinical early intervention, treatments services as well as effective programs.

The goals of the grant are to: (1) improve SSIP systems with development of a Suicide Prevention Community Collaborative (SPCC) to support community planning, workforce development and oversight; (2) increase early identification and referral of youth ages 10 to 24 years at risk of suicide; (3) provide evidence-based interventions to enhance protective factors, promote mental health and reduce suicide risk; (4) enhance postvention strategies to reduce risk following exposure to suicide attempts or deaths in the community; and (5) continuously measure RYSE activities to improve quality and document lessons for expansion