Project Overview

The Texas Institute for Child and Family Wellbeing (TXICFW) developed a 2-year endeavor utilizing a Neurosequential Model Community Coordinator. This endeavor aims to support the implementation of the Neurosequential Model (NM™) in child- and family-serving organizations in Central Texas. TXICFW leads this project collaboration with the Buena Vista Foundation, Klein Foundation, St. David’s Foundation, and Tapestry Foundation.

The NM™ developed by Dr. Bruce Perry is not a specific therapeutic technique or intervention, and instead functions as a way to organize a child’s history and current functioning. This approach aims to structure the assessment of a child, articulate the primary problems, identify key strengths, and recommend an application of interventions (educational, enrichment, and therapeutic) in a way that will help family, educators, therapists, and related professionals best meet the needs of the child. This endeavor seeks to support the internal practices of participating community organizations and to create a strong local web of support that can strengthen expertise across organizations working with children and families.

This will be achieved through:

  1. Broad dissemination of the core principles of the NM™ across our community
  2. Providing community education as requested on the NM™ core concepts
  3. Offer practitioners and organizations support
  4. Facilitate Neurosequential Collaborative of Central Texas (NCCT) meetings with participating community members