As part of the Texas Department of State Health Services efforts to achieve the vision of “Hope, Resilience, and Recovery for Everyone,” the DSHS Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Division has contracted with research staff at the Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health (TIEMH) to assist with implementing and evaluating the Mental Health Recovery and Resilience (MHRR) initiative. TIEMH will work with Via Hope, community mental health centers, state hospitals, peer specialists, families and family partners, persons in recovery and other community and agency stakeholders to: 1) implement transformative resilience and recovery projects, 2) develop and evaluate resilience and recovery instruments and programs, 3) conduct assessment and evaluation of specific Via Hope initiatives, and 4) prepare and present findings of resilience and recovery transformation projects.

MHRR projects focusing on adult recovery include evaluation of the Via Hope Recovery Institute Leadership Academy, Peer Specialist Integration Project, and Person Centered Recovery Planning Initiative as well as a yearly survey of Peer Specialist Employment and Outcomes. Projects focusing on youth resilience include development and testing of a youth-centered person centered planning resource manual, an evaluation of family partners, and Wraparound training, consultation, and fidelity monitoring.