This project is the evaluation component of a federally-funded Adolescent Family Life Demonstration Project that is assessing two delivery systems for pregnant and parenting adolescents:

1) an innovative social service model of case management and strong linkage to an array of educational, job training and mental health support services through the LifeWorks’ Teen Parent Services Program (TPS), and

2) an integrated, team-focused multi-agency collaboration approach offering case management, medical care, parent education, and mental health services to teen parents that are coordinated through the Tandem Teen Prenatal & Parenting Program of People’s Community Clinic (the client’s medical home) and with which LifeWorks is a collaboration partner.

Despite the differences between the Tandem and TPS models, both programs are grounded in a youth development framework and both emphasize a comprehensive, individually-tailored approach to case management. Priorities for each client include the development of a long-term, close and sustained relationship with a caring, reliable adult; client-driven goal setting; improved emotional wellness; strengthened social support networks; and progress toward self sufficiency.

Research questions include:

  • What are the major differences for teen parents in how services are received from the Tandem as compared to the TPS Program?
  • How does dosage of services relate to client outcomes?
  • What are the characteristics of fathers who participate in services for teen fathers and/or male partners of teen mothers in the programs?


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Lifeworks / U.S. Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs