With input from other SIG researchers and senior investigators at the UT School of Social Work, Dr. Rountree will design and implement the pilot study, which will include the following activities:

  1. Design the intervention protocol that will guide the implementation of the HIV/AIDS Prevention Intervention for African American Women Exposed to Intimate Partner Abuse feasibility study.
  2. Convene a group of African American community collaborators, including HIV/AIDS service providers, IPV practitioners, and consumers to advise the researcher in an advisory capacity on all stages of implementation.
  3. Implement a quasi-experimental pretest-posttest design to examine the efficacy of the intervention including African American women (n=20) who participate in the WE Intervention and a control group of African American (AA) women who receive treatment as usual.
  4. Conduct focus group sessions with WE Intervention participants to refine the intervention protocol.

In conjunction with other SIG investigators, Dr. Rountree will provide written description of methods and results from aforementioned analyses suitable for publication in peer-reviewed journals and professional conferences.

Columbia University School of Social Work / NIH (5 R25 MH080665)