This project will focus on DHS-funded efforts to gather base-line data on refugee individuals and couples in Austin and San Antonio. The purpose of the project is to explore and document the challenges in marriages and parenting that confront refugees living in Central Texas and to develop strategies that strengthen marital and parenting skills that are culturally and linguistically appropriate for refugee families.

The project involves the development of exploratory research with refugees and refugee service providers to broaden our knowledge about and understanding of marriage and family difficulties experienced by refugees during the resettlement experience. A qualitative methodology that involves in-depth interviews and focus groups with refugee individuals and couples and service providers will be utilized. It is expected that marriage and family concerns may involve topics such as parenting, finances, communication, mental and physical health, cultural and language barriers, employment and underemployment, housing, education, and addictions. The research design will capture information on any topic that is of concern to refugee families in Central Texas.

Texas Department of Human Services