The Veteran Couples Connect (VCC) program provides PTSD treatment to veteran couples in Central Texas where at least one member of the couple has a PTSD diagnosis. Using an adaptation of Cognitive Behavioral Conjoint Therapy for PTSD (CBCT-PTSD), the VCC program treats couples in a group setting, with five couples in each cohort. Through a 15-week protocol, couples will receive in-person group treatment from licensed clinicians. The three-phase protocol provides couples with an introduction to treatment, safety building, and psychoeducation about trauma and PTSD, followed by relationship enhancement building and dyadic cognitive interventions to combat PTSD symptoms and enhance relationship satisfaction. At the culmination of their treatment, couples will receive vouchers for a date night experience to celebrate their hard work. Program staff will collect and apply evaluation data to determine the intervention’s effectiveness and improve ongoing programming for veteran couples in future cohorts.