Since its move to Refugee Services of Texas, Inc. in 2007, Green Leaf Refugee Services Program continues its commitment to the Austin refugee community by providing stress management, social support, and whole health services to refugees, asylees and victims of trafficking.

Professional social work services provided by Green Leaf include:

  • Strengths-based in-home counseling and case management to individuals, couples and families
  • Mediation for clients with other service providers or the court system
  • Clinical consultation with community service providers regarding refugee health
  • Information and referral services for diverse client needs
  • Health and mental health education for refugees, service providers, sponsoring groups, and community support persons
  • Collaborative work with service providers to eliminate barriers to meeting the health and emotional health needs of refugees in resettlement.

For more information about Green Leaf Refugee Services or to make a referral, please contact Refugee Services of Texas, Inc. at (512) 472-9472.

Refugee Programs, Texas Department of Health