The Field-Initiated Approach to Addressing Racial Bias and Inequity in Child Welfare Evaluation funding opportunity was made available to “support the development, implementation, and evaluation of field-initiated approaches to addressing racial bias and inequity in child welfare and improving the safety, stability, and well-being of families in traditionally underserved communities. As a field-based initiative, this funding opportunity will enable communities to design and lead focused solutions to local issues of systemic disproportionality and inequitable access to services experienced by traditionally underserved communities at varying points across the child welfare continuum”. FosterClub, one of nine grantees, will enhance the efficacy of Child Welfare systems in addressing racial equity concerns by improving their understanding of underlying causes and determinants based on the perspectives and expertise of those with lived experience in foster care.

The evaluation for this project is conducted by Patricia Cody, Michelle Steinley-Bumgarner, Jo Hamilton and Sarah Merisier. The team employs a multifaceted approach, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate processes and outcomes. Additionally, the team incorporates participatory evaluation methods, involving young adults with lived foster care experience throughout the process. The team’s approach to evaluation prioritizes collaboration with program partners, allowing for adjustments to the evaluation plan as needed while maintaining a rigorous standard of evaluation. Dissemination strategies will be employed to share resources and findings, ultimately contributing to the continuous improvement of child welfare programs and policies.