The study aims to establish methodological feasibility for engaging and retaining youth and families in a family-based intervention model following admission to LifeWorks counseling services due to the youth’s running away. This research study is divided into 3 phases: 1) a pilot investigation refines engagement sessions of a family-based in-home intervention with runaway youth returned to their homes following a runaway episode and focus groups to understand ‘street’ youths’ perceptions of services and service utilization, 2) the main study recruits and engages runaway youth and their families in a 12 session in-home intervention aimed at reducing substance use and other high risk behaviors among these youth, and 3) a post-intervention follow-up measures and evaluates intervention retention and various outcomes. Parent and Youth Questionnaires focus on individual demographics, family-level variables and youth and parent substance use. Retention rates are monitored throughout the 12-week intervention period.