The subaward to the Steve Hicks School of Social Work, led by Dr. Jose Ruben Parra-Cardona, involves close collaboration with Dr. Gewirtz at Arizona State University to address the specific needs of migrant and forcibly displaced families. As a project Co-Investigator, Dr. Parra-Cardona will provide leadership by offering guidance on various aspects, including recruitment, engagement, and retention strategies, measure selection, translation, and scoring norms tailored to the population, as well as overseeing implementation and dissemination efforts—monthly meetings between Drs. Parra-Cardona and Gewirtz will facilitate discussions on project progress and problem resolution, leveraging Dr. Parra Cardona’s extensive research experience in culturally adapting interventions for Latinx families and his unique perspective as a Latino immigrant and parent.

Their collaborative history, including joint efforts on projects like the GenPMTO parenting interventions and the Parenting in the Moment online intervention, underscores their commitment to supporting underrepresented populations, particularly those affected by forced displacement. Dr. Parra Cardona’s contributions, such as assisting in developing social media ads and analyzing program reach for the Latinx population, further enhance the project’s effectiveness and impact.