Violence against women is a threat to public health that has been exacerbated by COVID-19. Additional public health emergencies, such as natural disasters, are also likely to exacerbate violence against women. As such, the aim of this project is to provide disaster recovery efforts to local communities by building capacity within non-profit and government public health and complimentary agencies by training staff to appropriately identify and respond to domestic violence within the scope of their practice.

The Corporation for National and Community Service defines capacity building activities as: leveraging resources, improving efficiency, and improving effectiveness. In partnership with local public health departments, public health agencies, and complimentary agencies, AmeriCorps members will raise community awareness and improve the reach of public health and complimentary settings to include domestic violence screening and resources in their response (particularly to public health emergencies). The program will further provide future social workers (who have been trained in violence against women) with pathways to public health related careers.