As part of its quality initiative, the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) conducts a client satisfaction survey with all clients who have participated in their rehabilitation program in the previous year. The telephone survey consists of 21 questions involving issues of access, participation, and satisfaction related to the services and satisfaction with various aspects of their employment.

This project analyzes and reports the results of the survey to the agency. Analyses include a comparison of response profiles for the previous three years; an analysis of consumer satisfaction by closure status; a comparison of survey sample and DARS closure population; the dimensions of consumer satisfaction; and a summary of open-ended comment data. The results are used by DARS to inform their programming to better meet the needs of their consumers. In general, the results indicate that most DARS clients are satisfied or very satisfied with all aspects of their services. Regarding employment, DARS clients report higher levels of satisfaction, exceeding levels of satisfaction reported by the general population in several Gallup polls.