Combined Arms is a one-stop online and in-person resource center for veterans in transition. In partnership with over 56 member organizations, Combined Arms provides holistic support in a customized and efficient way by connecting veterans to local providers best equipped to meet their employment, housing, mental health, social and educational needs.

Elisa Borah, director of the Institute for Military and Veteran Family Wellness, will work with providers and veterans to identify, measure and analyze data related to resources and services outcomes to understand how veteran service organizations can improve veterans’ professional growth, mental and physical wellness, essential services, and social connections to improve their overall quality of life.

The purpose of this project is to measure outcomes of services that veterans are referred to in order to ensure services are effective and meeting the needs of veteran clients in a timely manner.

By understanding what services and service providers are helping veterans achieve outcomes in an array of domains in their lives, best practices can be identified to promote greater outcome attainment by veterans by veteran service providers.