This is one of 13 independent regional centers that have the purpose of unifying research, education and practice in order to transform lives afflicted by addictive disorders. The ATTC brings together 14 Texas institutions of higher education in a collaborative effort to assess current research findings and effectively transfer this knowledge to community based treatment professionals throughout the state. The key objectives of the grant are:

  • To increase the knowledge and skills of addiction treatment practitioners from multiple disciplines by facilitating access to state-of-the-art research and education.
  • To heighten the awareness, knowledge, and skills of all professionals who have the opportunity to intervene in the lives of people with substance use disorders.
  • To foster regional and national alliances among practitioners, researchers, policy makers, funders, and consumers to support and implement best treatment practices.

Within this framework, a key objective of the Texas ATTC is to increase the pool of minority licensed chemical dependency counselors, social workers, and nurses with addiction specialties and increase availability of appropriately trained professionals in multiple disciplines. In working toward this goal, the ATTC works in close partnership with the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, which provides financial support to facilitate student recruitment and retention. The Center has representation on state and national committees, which develop professional and curriculum standards and addresses cultural competence issues in addictions programs throughout the country.