An estimated 90,000 Asian Americans live in the greater Austin area. This population has doubled in Travis County since 2000 and represents the fastest growing demographic group in Central Texas. The Public Health and Human Services Subcommittee has highlighted the challenge of delivering health and public services to the Asian American population due to the diverse languages and cultures represented.

The Asian American Quality of Life survey aims to conduct surveys with 2,500 Asian Americans in Austin to explore their health and service needs. Self-identified Asian Americans representing five major ethnic groups (Chinese, Vietnamese, Asian Indian, Korean, and Filipino) aged 25-85 are eligible to participate in the survey. Findings from the survey will be presented to the City of Austin staff and the Asian American Quality of Life Commission. This will then guide the development of public policies and programs in response to the identified needs.

Through self-administered or interviewer-assisted surveys, participants will answer questions pertaining to their demographics, physical and mental health, psychosocial and cultural resources, neighborhood social capital, and quality of life.