Dr. David Springer has been funded to conduct research on youth gangs through the Austin Police Department’s Juvenile Justice Improvement Project. Funded through the Texas Governor’s Office Criminal Justice Division, this effort is a coordinated activity with the Austin Police Department to extend and enhance gang prevention and rehabilitative efforts.

Dr. James Schwab, together with Drs. Monica Faulkner and Beth Gerlach, have received a contract with the Texas Department of Assistive Rehabilitative Services to produce a statewide needs assessment to understand the rehabilitation needs of individuals with disabilities. 

Dr. Stacey Manser and the team at the Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health are working on the Mental Health Recovery and Resilience (MHRR) initiative. Through this initiative, they are assisting the Texas Department of State Health Services with implementing and evaluating a multi-year effort to transform the delivery of services supporting youth and adult resilience and recovery.