Dean Luis H. Zayas, associate dean for doctoral education Cynthia Franklin, and associate dean for research Catherine Cubbin are among the 100 most influential contemporary social work faculty, according to an article published in the Journal of Social Service Research.

The article focuses on faculty’s scholarship (publications in professional journals, chapters and books) and its impact, as measured by the H-Index. The index is dependent on both the raw number of publications and the subsequent citations of the work.

According to the article’s authors, the 100 scholars on the list “deserve to be recognized for their significant contribution to the profession’s intellectual life. Their works are substantive both in terms of quantity, the sheer number of published works, but also in terms of their quality, or utility, being used by others.”

Dean Luis Zayas has is an expert on child and adolescent development and family functioning. Under the overarching framework of Hispanic mental health, he focuses on two areas of research: suicide attempts of young Latinas, and mental health of U.S. citizen-children of undocumented Latin American parents.

Associate Dean Cynthia Franklin is an internationally recognized expert on solution-focused brief therapy and mental health in the context of schools.

Associate Dean Catherine Cubbin is an expert on using epidemiological methods to better understand socioeconomic and racial/ethnic inequalities in health, for the purpose of informing policy.

Posted June 5, 2019.