Dr. Ruth McRoy

Dr. Ruth McRoy is one of the nine winners of the Children’s Bureau 2013 Adoption Excellence Award. This award honors states, local agencies, private organizations, courts, businesses, individuals, and families for their work in increasing adoptions from foster care.

The award announcement stated that Dr. McRoy “has been a strong contributor to the field of child welfare for more than three decades through a wide array of endeavors, from research and writing to teaching and mentoring.”

Dr. McRoy’s research has focused on issues such as the influence of race in adoptions, racial disparities in the child welfare system, openness in adoption, adoption matching, and family preservation. She conducted the first in-depth longitudinal study assessing the personal and institutional factors that result in prospective adoptive parents navigating their way through the adoption process. Dr. McRoy and her team have worked extensively with AdoptUsKids, a cooperative agreement funded by the Children’s Bureau.