The Center for Health Inter Professional Education (CHIPE) launched in late 2017 to advance person-centered care and population health through collaborative approaches to health education and practice.

CHIPE’s mission is to lead innovative interprofessional education, practice, and scholarship to advance collaborative person-centered care and
population health. The center relies on an extensive network of key partners across the UT Austin campus and in the community to carry out
this mission and transform the culture of health-care delivery.

CHIPE receives support through the collaborative efforts of leadership, faculty, and staff in the College of Pharmacy, Dell Medical School, the School of Nursing, and the Steve Hicks School of Social Work.

Some of CHIPE’s initiatives in the past year include:

  • Interprofessional collaboration in addiction research: Pharmacy professor and Health IPE Fellow Lucas Hill, PhD, received funding from the Texas Health & Human Services Commission to help address the opioid crisis in the state. Social work professor Fiona Conway, PhD, is a partner in this project. CHIPE collaborates with the research team to support the creation of new live and online continuing educational programming to develop interprofessional teams that address the opioid crisis. This programming will emphasize harm-reduction strategies and medications for opioid use disorder which remain underutilized despite substantial evidence of benefit.
  • Innovations in interprofessional education: The Foundations of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (FICP) course at UT Austin brings nursing, social work, medicine, and pharmacy students together to learn about, with, and from each other. This course incorporates interactive activities and simulations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the course directors successfully redesigned the course for virtual delivery. They will continue to innovate on delivering this course online in the 20-21 year.
  • T3 Interprofessional Team Development Program: CHIPE is partnering with the National T3 Advisory Board and the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education to deliver the national T3 training for faculty and practitioner teams from across the country to develop and implement quality IPE for education and practice at their home institutions. IPE leaders from UT Austin who are trained in and passionate about collaborative, team-based health care are transitioning this training to a virtual format to off er an innovative experiential experience to participating teams. CHIPE’s fi rst T3 program will be delivered virtually in January 2021.

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