From internship to full-time

Field education gives master’s and bachelor’s level students an opportunity to integrate academic work with practice through local, national and international internships. Learn how field internships became full-time jobs for five recent Steve Hicks graduates.


Marica Wright MSSW ‘19.

Who: Marica Wright MSSW ‘19

What and Where: Hired as Program Coordinator at Victims Advocate Network (VAN) at The University of Texas at Austin Police Department. In 2019 VAN launched as a 24-hour, on-call network consisting of UT-Austin faculty and staff volunteers to serve employees, students, and visitors who are impacted by crime or a distressing event on campus.

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Natalie Burtzos, MSSW ‘19

Who: Natalie Burtzos, MSSW ‘19.

What and Where: Hired as CARES Team Social Work Supervisor at Main Street Renewal, a for-profit property management company with offices across the country.

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Kendra Rice, MSSW ‘19.

Who: Kendra Rice, MSSW ‘19.

What and Where: Hired as behavioral health counselor at Insight Behavioral Health Centers in Austin, which serves adolescents and adults who struggle with mood and anxiety disorders.

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Madison Bridges, MSSW ‘19

Who: Madison Bridges, MSSW ‘19

What and Where: Hired as counselor at Counselling and Health Services, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

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Chelsea DeSimone, MSSW ‘19

Who: Chelsea DeSimone, MSSW ‘19

What and Where: Hired as case manager at Housing and Urban Development, Veteran Affairs’ Supportive Housing.

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