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Main Number: 512-471-5457
Dean’s Office: 512-471-1937

Tina Adkins, Ph.D. Tina Adkins, Ph.D.DetailsResearch AssociateRoom #: LAC 1.116Phone: 512-232-0728Email:
Zaccheus J. Ahonle, Ph.D., CRC Zaccheus J. Ahonle, Ph.D., CRCDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Terrence T. Allen, MSSA, Ph.D. Terrence T. Allen, MSSA, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.130DPhone: 512-232-4420Email:
Lauren M. Alper, MSWDetailsResearch Associate IVRoom #: HLP 345DPhone: 512-232-0629Email:
Rosalie Ambrosino, Ph.D. Rosalie Ambrosino, Ph.D.DetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Bob Ambrosino, Ph.D.DetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Barbara Anderson Barbara AndersonDetailsClinical ProfessorRoom #: 3.124EPhone: 512-232-7118Email:
Peter ArellanoDetailsSocial Sciences Research Associate IVRoom #: HLP 310Phone: 512-232-0640Email:
Marilyn Armour, Ph.D. Marilyn Armour, Ph.D.DetailsProfessor and University Distinguished Teaching ProfessorRoom #: 3.212DPhone: 512-471-3197Email:
Joan E. Asseff, LMSWDetailsClinical Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 2.240Phone: 512-471-0192Email:
Susan Ayers-Lopez Susan Ayers-LopezDetailsSocial Science/Humanities Research Associate VRoom #: 3.212APhone: 512-471-0550Email:
Jennifer BanisterDetailsProgram CoordinatorRoom #: HLP 310BPhone: 512-232-0642Email:
Amanda N. Barczyk, Ph.D., MSW Amanda N. Barczyk, Ph.D., MSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Margaret Bassett Margaret BassettDetailsProject Manager and Adjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Jolynne Batchelor, PhD, LCSW Jolynne Batchelor, PhD, LCSWDetailsResearch AssociateRoom #: LAC 1.204Phone: 512-232-6061Email:
Natalie Beck, DSW, LCSW Natalie Beck, DSW, LCSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Mary Beer, LCSW Mary Beer, LCSWDetailsClinical Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.124GPhone: 512-232-3833Email:
Tymothy Belseth, MA Tymothy Belseth, MADetailsResearch CoordinatorRoom #: LAC 1.204PPhone: 512-471-7193Email:
Tom Bohman, Ph.D. Tom Bohman, Ph.D.DetailsResearch ScientistRoom #: HLP 335EPhone: 512-232-0605Email:
Elisa V. Borah, Ph.D. Elisa V. Borah, Ph.D.DetailsResearch Associate ProfessorRoom #: HLP 335KPhone: 512-475-8040Email:
Jim BradleyDetailsField Trainer, AnalystRoom #: HLP 335Phone: 512-232-0603Email:
Wendy Brooks KuhnDetailsResearch Associate IVRoom #: HLP 310Phone: 512-232-0636Email:
Chris Burnett Chris BurnettDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Noël Busch-Armendariz, Ph.D., LMSW, MPA Noël Busch-Armendariz, Ph.D., LMSW, MPADetailsProfessor and Director, Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual AssaultRoom #: FAC 426JPhone: 512-471-2877Email:
Julieta CaamanoDetailsSocial Worker IRoom #: 3.212CBPhone: 512-232-0604Email:
Esther J. Calzada, Ph.D. Esther J. Calzada, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate ProfessorRoom #: 3.106EPhone: 512-471-2797Email:
M. Andrea Campetella, Ph.D. M. Andrea Campetella, Ph.D.DetailsDirector of Communications and PlanningRoom #: 2.202GPhone: 512-471-1458Email:
Jameson Lee Cardenas Jameson Lee CardenasDetailsCommunications and Social Marketing LeadRoom #: HLP 310Phone: 512-232-0615Email:
Aisol CasillasDetailsAccountant IRoom #: 3.208BPhone: 512-471-9832Email:
Yessenia Castro, Ph.D. Yessenia Castro, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant ProfessorRoom #: HLP 295DPhone: 512-232-0778Email:
Elaine Cavazos, LCSW Elaine Cavazos, LCSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Peteria Chan Peteria ChanDetailsResearch AssociateRoom #: HLP 310BBPhone: 512-232-8304Email:
Namkee G. Choi, Ph.D. Namkee G. Choi, Ph.D.DetailsProfessor and the Louis and Ann Wolens Centennial Chair in GerontologyRoom #: 3.122DPhone: 512-232-9590Email:
Patricia A. Cody, MSW, PhDDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-491-8327Email:
Deborah Ann Cohen, Ph.D. Deborah Ann Cohen, Ph.D.DetailsResearch Assistant ProfessorRoom #: HLP 335GPhone: 512-232-0618Email:
Allan Hugh Cole Jr., Ph.D. Allan Hugh Cole Jr., Ph.D.DetailsSenior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Director of Undergraduate Programs, and ProfessorRoom #: 2.202CPhone: 512-232-3548Email:
Jennifer Conrad-Graham, LMSWDetailsCWEC Program Coordinator/ CPS Field SupervisorRoom #: 1.218AAPhone: 512-232-3507Email:
Mary S. Cook, LMSW Mary S. Cook, LMSWDetailsResearch AssociateRoom #: HLP 335Phone: 512-232-0619Email:
Johanna Creswell Báez, Ph.D., LCSW Johanna Creswell Báez, Ph.D., LCSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Julia Cuba-Lewis Julia Cuba-LewisDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Catherine Cubbin, Ph.D. Catherine Cubbin, Ph.D.DetailsProfessor and Associate Dean for ResearchRoom #: 3.208GAPhone: 512-232-0625Email:
Julie Cunniff Julie CunniffDetailsAssistant to the DeanRoom #: 2.202APhone: 512-471-0562Email:
Laura Dannenmaier, LCSW Laura Dannenmaier, LCSWDetailsCARE CounselorRoom #: 3.116BPhone: 512-471-8148
Susan M. De Luca, Ph.D. Susan M. De Luca, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant Professor and Core Faculty of Women's and Gender StudiesRoom #: 3.130LPhone: 512-471-1713Email:
Glenn Dembowski Glenn DembowskiDetailsSocial Sciences/Humanities Research Associate IRoom #: HLP 310Phone: 512-232-8309Email:
Diana M. DiNitto, Ph.D. Diana M. DiNitto, Ph.D.DetailsCullen Trust Centennial Professor in Alcohol Studies and Education and Distinguished Teaching ProfessorRoom #: 3.130BPhone: 512-471-9227Email:
Nicole DusonDetailsSystems AnalystRoom #: HLP 345Phone: 512-232-0628Email:
Juli M. Earley, LMSWDetailsResearch AssociateRoom #: HLP 310BPhone: 512-232-8599Email:
David Evans David EvansDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-440-4031Email:
E. Suzanne EwingDetailsAdministrative AssistantRoom #: 2.202Phone: 512-471-9822Email:
Monica Faulkner, Ph.D., LMSW Monica Faulkner, Ph.D., LMSWDetailsResearch Associate ProfessorRoom #: LAC 1.204BPhone: 512-471-7191Email:
Rowena Fong, Ed.D. Rowena Fong, Ed.D.DetailsRuby Lee Piester Centennial Professor in Services to Children and FamiliesRoom #: 3.122GPhone: 512-471-1393Email:
Cynthia G. S. Franklin, Ph.D. Cynthia G. S. Franklin, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate Dean for Doctoral Education and Stiernberg/Spencer Family Professor in Mental HealthRoom #: 2.228Phone: 512-471-0533Email:
Alexis D. George, M.S.Ed. Alexis D. George, M.S.Ed.DetailsUndergraduate Program CoordinatorRoom #: 2.230Phone: 512-232-6058Email:
Beth Gerlach, Ph.D., LCSW Beth Gerlach, Ph.D., LCSWDetailsResearch Associate and Adjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: LAC 1.204CPhone: 512-232-0649Email:
Emmett Gill, Ph.D. Emmett Gill, Ph.D.DetailsClinical Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.106GPhone: 512-475-7537Email:
Ramon R. Gomez Ramon R. GomezDetailsDirector of Student and Community AffairsRoom #: 2.208Phone: 512-471-9819Email:
James Green James GreenDetailsProgram CoordinatorRoom #: HLP 335Phone: 512-232-0601Email:
Lauren E. Gulbas, Ph.D. Lauren E. Gulbas, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.122CPhone: 512-232-4418Email:
Holly Gursslin Holly GursslinDetailsState Lead Project CoordinatorRoom #: HLP 310Phone: 512-232-8219Email:
Dixie Hairston, MSSW Dixie Hairston, MSSWDetailsResearch Project ManagerRoom #: 3.212EPhone: 512-471-5274Email:
Kyndal Hammock Kyndal HammockDetailsResearch Associate IIRoom #: HLP 295Phone: 512-232-0635Email:
Louise HanksDetailsAdministrative AssociateRoom #: 3.212CAPhone: 512-232-5540Email:
Alisa HernandezDetailsAccounts Payable SpecialistRoom #: 3.208BPhone: 512-475-9557Email:
Mercedes Hernandez, Ph.D., LCSW Mercedes Hernandez, Ph.D., LCSWDetailsAssistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.106FPhone: 512-471-8189Email:
Margaret Hill, LCSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Sharon Hoefer, MSSW Sharon Hoefer, MSSWDetailsSocial Sciences/Humanities Research Associate IIIRoom #: SSW 3.212ECPhone: 214-636-7834Email:
Kristen A. HoganDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Lori K. Holleran Steiker, Ph.D., ACSW Lori K. Holleran Steiker, Ph.D., ACSWDetailsUniversity Distinguished Teaching ProfessorRoom #: 3.122APhone: 512-232-9330Email:
Cossy Hough, LCSW Cossy Hough, LCSWDetailsClinical Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.124DPhone: 512-471-8226Email:
Elizabeth Hutton, MS, LPC, NCCDetailsSenior Program CoordinatorRoom #: HLP 310Phone: 512-232-9094Email:
Yuri Jang, Ph.D. Yuri Jang, Ph.D.DetailsProfessorRoom #: 3.130CPhone: 512-471-1702Email:
Janice JeromeDetailsProgram CoordinatorRoom #: 3.212CAPhone: 512-232-5540Email:
Allyson Jervey Allyson JerveyDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-763-0478Email:
Christine Johnson, LMSW, IPR Christine Johnson, LMSW, IPRDetailsDirector of the Child Welfare Education CollaborationRoom #: 1.218AAPhone: 512-771-1016Email:
Barbara L. Jones, Ph.D. Barbara L. Jones, Ph.D.DetailsUniversity Distinguished Teaching Professor, Associate Dean for Health Affairs, and Co-Director for Institute for Collaborative Health Research and PracticeRoom #: 3.212GPhone: 512-475-9367Email:
Dana JonesDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Laura Jones-Swann Laura Jones-SwannDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104AEmail:
Dina Kassler, Ph.D. Dina Kassler, Ph.D.DetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Sean KopaniaszDetailsPersonnel SpecialistRoom #: 3.208BPhone: 512-471-8267Email:
Mark KramerDetailsSocial Sciences Research Associate VRoom #: HLP 310Phone: 512-232-0640Email:
Jane A. Kretzschmar, LCSW Jane A. Kretzschmar, LCSWDetailsClinical ProfessorRoom #: 2.240Phone: 512-471-8209Email:
Noel Landuyt, Ph.D. Noel Landuyt, Ph.D.DetailsResearch Associate and LecturerRoom #: HLP 345BPhone: 512-471-9831Email:
Braden Latham-JonesDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Michael L. Lauderdale, Ph.D. Michael L. Lauderdale, Ph.D.DetailsClara Pope Willoughby Centennial Professor in Criminal JusticeRoom #: 3.130JPhone: 512-471-9246Email:
Tracy A. Levins, Ph.D.DetailsTexas System of Care State Development SpecialistRoom #: HLP 310Phone: 512-232-0641Email:
Carol M. Lewis, Ph.D. Carol M. Lewis, Ph.D.DetailsDirector, Office of the Associate Dean for ResearchRoom #: 3.208FPhone: 512-471-9219Email:
Lori Lewis-ConerlyDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Jessica Lim, LMSWDetailsSocial Worker IIRoom #: 3.212CBPhone: 512-232-0604Email:
Tammy Linseisen, LCSW, ACSW Tammy Linseisen, LCSW, ACSWDetailsClinical Associate ProfessorRoom #: 3.124FPhone: 512-471-9240Email:
Amy C. Lodge, Ph.D. Amy C. Lodge, Ph.D.DetailsResearch AssociateRoom #: HLP 310BKPhone: 512-232-8493Email:
Molly Lopez, Ph.D. Molly Lopez, Ph.D.DetailsResearch Associate ProfessorRoom #: HLP 310BEPhone: 512-232-0614Email:
John Luk, M.D. John Luk, M.D.DetailsLecturer and Assistant Professor of Medicine, Dell Medical SchoolPhone: 512-324-0165Email:
Jennifer Luna Jackson, MSSW Jennifer Luna Jackson, MSSWDetailsDirector of the DiNitto Center for Career Services and Alumni RelationsRoom #: 2.216Phone: 512-475-8131Email:
Sandy Magaña, Ph.D., MSW Sandy Magaña, Ph.D., MSWDetailsProfessor in Autism and Neurodevelopmental DisabilitiesRoom #: 3.130HPhone: 512-232-9216Email:
Marian Mahaffey, LMSW-AP Marian Mahaffey, LMSW-APDetailsGraduate Program Coordinator IIRoom #: 2.242Phone: 512-471-2935Email:
Lori MangrumDetailsResearch ScientistRoom #: HLP 335Phone: 512-232-0601Email:
Shannon Mann-Butler Shannon Mann-ButlerDetailsProgram CoordinatorRoom #: LAC 1.204APhone: 512-475-7892Email:
Laura Marra, LMSW Laura Marra, LMSWDetailsResearch CoordinatorRoom #: LAC 1.204PPhone: 512-471-7193Email:
Nate Marti, Ph.D.DetailsStatistical ConsultantEmail:
Octavio N Martinez, MD Octavio N Martinez, MDDetailsExecutive Director of the Hogg Foundation and Clinical ProfessorRoom #: LAC 4.404APhone: 512-471-7625Email:
Jane Maxwell, Ph.D. Jane Maxwell, Ph.D.DetailsResearch ProfessorRoom #: HLP 335LPhone: 512-232-0610Email:
Sarah McCafferty, LCSW Sarah McCafferty, LCSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-299-4406Email:
T’Shana McClain T’Shana McClainDetailsSocial Science/Humanities Research Associate IIIRoom #: 3.212ECPhone: 512-471-3198Email:
David McClungDetailsYouth Engagement SpecialistRoom #: HLP 310BPhone: 512-232-9673Email:
Diane McDaniel Rhodes, Ph.D. Diane McDaniel Rhodes, Ph.D.DetailsLecturerRoom #: 3.122FPhone: 512-471-1831Email:
Mary (Maggy) McGiffert, M.A. Mary (Maggy) McGiffert, M.A.DetailsSocial Sciences/Humanities Research Associate IIIRoom #: 3.212EBEmail:
Kate McKerlie, MSSW, MPH Kate McKerlie, MSSW, MPHDetailsCommunications CoordinatorRoom #: LAC 1.116Phone: 512-232-0648Email:
Ruth G. McRoy, Ph.D. Ruth G. McRoy, Ph.D.DetailsResearch Professor and Ruby Lee Piester Centennial Professor EmeritaRoom #: 3.212AEmail:
Sherry Melecki Sherry MeleckiDetailsGraduate Program Coordinator IIRoom #: 2.238Phone: 512-471-3925Email:
Alma MenaDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Arlene Montgomery, Ph.D. Arlene Montgomery, Ph.D.DetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-480-8086Email:
Andrea Montgomery Andrea MontgomeryDetailsDirector of AdmissionsRoom #: 2.214Phone: 512-471-7482Email:
Elizabeth Mueller, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant ProfessorRoom #: SUT 4.114Phone: 512-471-1151Email:
Mary K. Mulvaney Mary K. MulvaneyDetailsClinical ProfessorRoom #: 3.124APhone: 512-471-9827Email:
Rosamaria Murillo, Ph.D., LMSW Rosamaria Murillo, Ph.D., LMSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Michele Murphy-SmithDetailsSocial Sciences/Humanities Research Associate VRoom #: HLP 335Phone: 512-232-0612Email:
Maureen Nichols, BA Maureen Nichols, BADetailsCo-directorRoom #: 335FPhone: 512-232-0609Email:
Angela M. Nonaka, Ph.D. Angela M. Nonaka, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.106DPhone: 512-232-1942Email:
Jack Nowicki, LCSW Jack Nowicki, LCSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Liz Nowicki, ACSW, LCSW Liz Nowicki, ACSW, LCSWDetailsDirector of Office of Professional DevelopmentRoom #: 3.116APhone: 512-232-6254Email:
Swetha Nulu, MPH Swetha Nulu, MPHDetailsResearch CoordinatorRoom #: LAC 1.204MPhone: 512-232-7065Email:
Front DeskDetailsOffice AssistantRoom #: 2.214Phone: 512-471-5457Email:
Vicki Y. Packheiser, LCSW, ACSW Vicki Y. Packheiser, LCSW, ACSWDetailsClinical Professor and Provost Teaching FellowRoom #: 2.240Phone: 512-471-2364Email:
Yolanda C. Padilla, Ph.D. Yolanda C. Padilla, Ph.D.DetailsClara Pope Willoughby Centennial Professor in Child Welfare and Director of the CSWE Center for Diversity and Social and Economic JusticeRoom #: 3.130KPhone: 512-471-6266Email:
Ruben Parra-Cardona, Ph.D. Ruben Parra-Cardona, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate ProfessorRoom #: 3.130FPhone: 512-232-9215Email:
Cynthia Penwell, LCSW Cynthia Penwell, LCSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Leona PetersonDetailsSocial Sciences Research Associate IVRoom #: HLP 310Phone: 512-232-8464Email:
Lana PettitDetailsAdministrative AssociateRoom #: 3.208APhone: 512-471-0561Email:
Farya Phillips, Ph.D., CCLS Farya Phillips, Ph.D., CCLSDetailsDean's Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Psychosocial OncologyRoom #: 3.212FEmail:
Beth C. Pomeroy, Ph.D. Beth C. Pomeroy, Ph.D.DetailsBert Kruger Smith Centennial Professor in Social Work, Co-Director for Institute for Collaborative Health Research and PracticeRoom #: 3.106BPhone: 512-232-3405Email:
Suzanne Potts, LMSW, MPH Suzanne Potts, LMSW, MPHDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 619-994-1871Email:
Anita Prewett, C.R.A. Anita Prewett, C.R.A.DetailsProject ManagerRoom #: HLP 295GPhone: 512-232-0624Email:
Min-Kyoung Rhee, Ph.D. Min-Kyoung Rhee, Ph.D.DetailsSocial Science/Humanities Research Associate IIRoom #: 3.212CCPhone: 512-232-8374Email:
Stephanie L. Rivaux, Ph.D., LMSWDetailsResearch Associate and Adjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Monica RosarioDetailsField Education AssociateRoom #: 2.236Phone: 512-471-6207Email:
Michele A. Rountree, Ph.D. Michele A. Rountree, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate ProfessorRoom #: 3.122EPhone: 512-471-7160Email:
Jaclyn N. Sepp, MA, LPC, RPT, NCC Jaclyn N. Sepp, MA, LPC, RPT, NCCDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Alba SerenoDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Erica R. Shapiro, Ph.D. Erica R. Shapiro, Ph.D.DetailsSocial Sciences/Humanities Research Associate VRoom #: HLP 310BJPhone: 512-232-9095Email:
Deborah Sharp Deborah SharpDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Clayton T. Shorkey, Ph.D., LCSW Clayton T. Shorkey, Ph.D., LCSWDetailsJosleen and Frances Lockhart Memorial Professor Emeritus of Direct Practice in Social Work and Director of Social Work Learning Resource CenterRoom #: 1.218GPhone: 512-471-0520Email:
Jennifer Silva, LCSW Jennifer Silva, LCSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Leslie W. Sirrianni, LCSW Leslie W. Sirrianni, LCSWDetailsProject CoordinatorRoom #: HLP 295BPhone: 512-232-0623Email:
Sarah Sloan, LCSW Sarah Sloan, LCSWDetailsClinical Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.124HPhone: 512-471-9107Email:
Russell Smith, LMSW Russell Smith, LMSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-491-8327Email:
Robin Smith, LCSW Robin Smith, LCSWDetailsClinical Assistant Professor and Integrated Behavioral Health Scholars Program CoordinatorRoom #: 3.124JPhone: 512-471-3438Email:
Linda Solomon Linda SolomonDetailsAdministrative AssociateRoom #: 3.208GPhone: 512-471-4618Email:
Erin Spalding, LCSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Dede Sparks, LMSW Dede Sparks, LMSWDetailsClinical Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.124BPhone: 512-471-9063Email:
Channing Spears, LMSWDetailsSocial Worker IIRoom #: 3.212CBPhone: 512-232-0604Email:
Richard Spence, Ph.D. Richard Spence, Ph.D.DetailsResearch ProfessorRoom #: HLP 335PPhone: 512-232-0608Email:
David W. Springer, Ph.D., LCSW David W. Springer, Ph.D., LCSWDetailsUniversity Distinguished Teaching Professor and Director of the RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service in the LBJ School of Public AffairsRoom #: SRH 3.328Phone: 512-232-7062Email:
Carrie Stephens Carrie StephensDetailsDevelopment SpecialistRoom #: 3.106HPhone: 512-475-6840Email:
Laura StevensDetailsResearch AssociateRoom #: HLP 335Phone: 512-232-0612Email:
Stacey Stevens Manser, Ph.D. Stacey Stevens Manser, Ph.D.DetailsResearch ScientistRoom #: HLP 310BAPhone: 512-289-0148Email:
Melissa Stewart Melissa StewartDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-423-8344Email:
Calvin L. Streeter, Ph.D. Calvin L. Streeter, Ph.D.DetailsProfessor and Meadows Foundation Centennial Professor in the Quality of Life in the Rural EnvironmentRoom #: 3.130GPhone: 512-471-0543Email:
Mitch Sudolsky, MSSW, LCSW Mitch Sudolsky, MSSW, LCSWDetailsClinical Professor and Adjunct Faculty LiaisonRoom #: 3.124KPhone: 512-475-7328Email:
Caitlin Sulley, LMSW Caitlin Sulley, LMSWDetailsResearch Project DirectorRoom #: 3.212EAPhone: 512-471-3198Email:
Noelle SuntheimerDetailsSocial Sciences/Humanities Research Associate IRoom #: HLP 345APhone: 512-232-8228Email:
Sarah Swords, LCSW Sarah Swords, LCSWDetailsClinical Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Master's ProgramsRoom #: 2.244Phone: 512-471-7231Email:
Melissa Torres, Ph.D., MSW Melissa Torres, Ph.D., MSWDetailsResearch AssociateRoom #: 3.212EPhone: 713-835-7019Email:
Geoff TreitelDetailsSoftware DeveloperRoom #: HLP 345CPhone: 512-232-4367Email:
Aubrey TuckerDetailsGrants and Contracts SpecialistRoom #: 3.208EPhone: 512-471-0564Email:
Laura E. Turner, MPAff Laura E. Turner, MPAffDetailsDirector of DevelopmentRoom #: 3.106HAPhone: 512-232-8376Email:
Earley Ullrich, LCSW, RPT-S Earley Ullrich, LCSW, RPT-SDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Rachel Union, LCSW Rachel Union, LCSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Sandra Vanegas, Ph.D. Sandra Vanegas, Ph.D.DetailsResearch AssociateRoom #: 3.116cPhone: 512-232-8433Email:
Mary Velasquez, Ph.D. Mary Velasquez, Ph.D.DetailsCentennial Professor in Leadership for Community, Professional and Corporate Excellence; Director, Health Behavior Research and Training InstituteRoom #: HLP 295MPhone: 512-471-7019Email:
Kelly VencesDetailsSocial Worker IRoom #: 3.212CBPhone: 512-232-0604Email:
Lizet VillagranaDetailsChief Business OfficerRoom #: 2.202DPhone: 512-471-7258Email:
Shetal Vohra-Gupta, Ph.D., MSW Shetal Vohra-Gupta, Ph.D., MSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-471-9826Email:
Kirk von Sternberg, Ph.D. Kirk von Sternberg, Ph.D.DetailsAssociate ProfessorRoom #: HLP 295JPhone: 512-232-0633Email:
Tanya Voss, MSSW Tanya Voss, MSSWDetailsClinical Professor and Assistant Dean for Field EducationRoom #: 2.234Phone: 512-471-0510Email:
Lynn Wallisch, Ph.D. Lynn Wallisch, Ph.D.DetailsResearch ScientistRoom #: HLP 335NPhone: 512-232-0611Email:
Alexander WangDetailsResearch Associate IIRoom #: 3.212ECPhone: 512-471-3198Email:
Anna Wasim, LMSW Anna Wasim, LMSWDetailsSocial Sciences/Humanities Research Associate IIIRoom #: 3.212EBEmail:
Deborah Webb, Ph.D., LCSW, LPC, LCDC Deborah Webb, Ph.D., LCSW, LPC, LCDCDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-799-9358Email:
Shane Whalley Shane WhalleyDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-917-3565Email:
Ahmed Whitt, Ph.D. Ahmed Whitt, Ph.D.DetailsAssistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.106CPhone: 512-471-1003Email:
Christine Winston, LCSW Christine Winston, LCSWDetailsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.104APhone: 512-289-5802Email:
Leila Wood, Ph.D., LMSW Leila Wood, Ph.D., LMSWDetailsResearch Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.116BPhone: 512-471-3198Email:
Luis H. Zayas, Ph.D. Luis H. Zayas, Ph.D.DetailsDean and Robert Lee Sutherland Chair in Mental Health and Social PolicyRoom #: 2.202BPhone: 512-471-1937Email:

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General School E-Mail Address:
Mailing Address: Steve Hicks School of Social Work, The University of Texas, 1925 San Jacinto Blvd Stop D3500, Austin TX 78712-1405

Useful Phone Numbers

Academic Affairs: 512-471-5457
Dean’s Office: 512-471-1937
Office of the ADR: 512-471-0561
DiNitto Center: 512-232-7362
Office of Admissions: 512-232-7352
Ph.D. Office: 512-475-8676
Adjunct Office: 512-471-9826
LRC: 512-471-9223
Development Office: 512-475-6840
Field Education Office: 512-471-6207
Professional Development: 512-471-2886


Fax Numbers

Faculty Support Office: 512-471-9600
Office of the ADR: 512-471-9514
Dean’s Office: 512-471-7268
Adjunct Office: 512-232-2165