Dr. Nick Winges-Yanez, LMSW, and Mary Beer, LCSW-S, were accepted into the newest cohort for the Provost’s Teaching Fellows, becoming the fifth and sixth individuals from SHS to be recognized with this distinction. The current cohort of 42 Fellows represent faculty of all ranks, 14 of 16 Colleges and Schools, with a multiplicity of disciplines and unique perspectives.

Provost’s Teaching Fellows are esteemed for their hard-working, forward-thinking, community-mindedness in their commitment to improving teaching practice and campus culture at UT Austin. Through the collective goal-driven participation in the four-year PTF program cycle, scholars empower each other to continue striving for excellence and professionalism in a collective effort to become the best versions of scholar educators possible. 

Beer, a clinical associate professor and assistant dean for practicum education at SHS, boasts a rich background in school social work, spanning over 16 years. Passionate about solution-focused methodologies, she integrates various therapeutic approaches into her teaching and practice. As Chair of the Texas School Social Workers Conference and a certified TBRI Practitioner, Mary’s impact extends well beyond the classroom, shaping the field and nurturing future practitioners through innovative programs and workshops.

Dr. Winges-Yanez, an assistant professor of instruction at TCDS within SHS, brings a wealth of expertise in critical disability studies and discourse analysis. With a personal connection to intellectual disability, Nick is dedicated to cultivating a supportive community for adult siblings while pushing boundaries in research, particularly examining the intersections of sexuality, ethics, and person-centered practices. Nick’s scholarly work pushes back on societal norms and explores the intricate relationships between language, identity, and historical narratives of disability and trauma.

Beer and Dr. Wingez-Yanez join the following SHS members of this fellowship: Dr. Lori Holleran Steiker and Dr. Diane Rhodes are alumnae of the fellowship, Vicki Packheiser is an Emerita Fellow, and Sarah Sloan is a current Fellow.