Dean Allan Cole appointed Dr. Lailea Noel to serve as Director of the Institute of Collaborative Health Research and Practice (ICHRP)

“I could not be more excited about ICHRP’s future under Dr. Noel’s leadership,” said Dean Cole. Noel will start her appointment immediately.

Established at the School of Social Work in 2004, ICHRP provides infrastructure for bridging gaps between research and practice by utilizing an academic-community partnership model. The Institute’s work brings together practitioners and research professionals to investigate and promote the health and well-being of children, adults, and families. Its objectives are to develop and disseminate best practices concerning the overarching influence health plays in the emotional and social wellness of individuals and families.

As Director, Dr. Noel will build on the foundational work of her predecessors, Dr. Barbara Jones and the late Dr. Beth Pomeroy. Specifically, Dr. Noel will further the visibility and impact of university-community initiatives as members of the Institute seek to create collaborations that lead to a culture of health and equity in research and practice. Dr. Noel will also bring her extensive experience engaging communities, social scientists, and medical professionals in such research pursuits.