holleranDr. Lori Holleran-Steiker is one of the twenty leading faculty innovators at The University of Texas at Austin appointed as inaugural Provost’s Teaching Fellows.

The Provost’s Teaching Fellows program is designed to strengthen faculty participation and governance in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), enhance faculty collaboration across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, and support specific faculty-led projects to improve teaching and learning.

“UT Austin faculty are leading exciting innovations in undergraduate and graduate teaching across the disciplines,” Provost Greg Fenves said. “I am grateful to Pat Davis of the College of Pharmacy and the award-winning faculty who worked with our CTL staff to develop this pioneering initiative to bolster educational excellence and innovation.”

Nine Senior Fellows, Dr. Holleran-Steiker among then, will take on a variety of leadership roles for two years, such as leading faculty learning communities, reviewing grants to support curricular and pedagogical innovation, and participating in operational governance for CTL.

Eleven Fellows will receive $25,000 grants to pursue specific projects to improve teaching and learning in their departments, schools or colleges, or at the university. After two years, fellows may continue to participate in the program as Senior Fellows.

For more information, see the Provost’s Teaching Fellow program page, or contact Harrison Keller, Vice Provost for Higher Education Policy & Research at harrison.keller@austin.utexas.edu; or Jaimie Lenhardt, Publicity and Events Coordinator, Center for Teaching and Learning at jaimie.lenhardt@austin.utexas.edu.